Ian Chen
Ian Chen
Manager at Muhwa Industrial Co., Ltd
Dongguan, China
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Muhwa Industrial Co., Ltd was established in Taipei of Taiwan in 1981. In 1985, the company developed a special focus lens, Fresnel lens, for human body infrared induction. In addition to clients in Taiwan and Mainland Chian, our products are sold to clients in the US., Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, and other regions. Many global first tier IoT makers are our clients. Muhwa is committed to providing passive infrared optical lens of high quality, customized design for your ID and at reasonable prices in the industrial field. The lens are widely used in IP camera, doorbell, lighting, and security area.

We provide OEM and ODM services for our clients, ranging from design , development, moulding to the completion of products. With the advanced production equipment, testing instruments, plus the full servo electric injection moulding machine of Japan, we can produce 5 million lenses per month. We have developed a unique set of fully automatic infrared induction testing lab, which enable us to conduct joint development and test for clients’ products, thus shortening the development cycle and enhance the performance.

We have an R&D center, a production center and sales center. We put customer first, and provide them with high quality products. We continue to make innovations and win customers with our sincerity and good reputation. We will, as always, sincerely cooperate with our distributors, and warmly welcome you to our company for business negotiation and technical exchange.

Muhwa’s unique values and strengths are especially in the following three areas:

1. Customized for client’s product ID elegantly hidden lens design: unique customized lens according to requirements with products ID also reaches the ideal detection performance; Muhwa collaboratively develops products with clients, combining the function of products and design of appearance to the perfection.

2. In the PIR industry, Muhwa is the only one player able to realize ‘’fully automatic Insert molding manufacturing process’’: this capability not only reduces the assembling process but also provides the water proof feature for outdoor appliances. Furthermore, the fully automation ensures product’s stability and quality. 3. Unique full temperature control infrared induction auto-test & record system: to ensure the product function is able to fulfill customers’ requirements, based on the testing report, we can analyze and improve the lens function with clients’ electrical and structure design. Thus, Muhwa has the capability to provide observations and suggestions.



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