Howard Lin
Howard Lin
General Manager at CYESS Co.,Ltd
New Taipei, Taiwan
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Company Website: CYESS Co.,Ltd

CYESS Co., Ltd is a company focusing on ARM Embedded System solutions

Under the customer oriented belief, CYSEE provides customers in ARM Embedded System field with ARM core board, sensor modules, wireless network modules, IoT modules and complete embedded system solutions and services

CYESS specializes in offering embedded system software and hardware products with lot of experience in automatics, handhold devices, consumer electronics, network equipment and industrial control.

We not only provide products which include developing BSP, Linux core package, drivers, Android application framework, algorithm , but also have mature educational training and technology support services.

Company Highlights

Our team has more than 10 years’ experience in developing embedded system.

We specialized in the ARM embedded system business, including prototyping, manufacturing, quality assurance and market operating.

We have mature technology support team with more than 6 year experience in embedded system.

With many resources on PCBA manufacturing, we guarantee customers to have quick and qualified prototypes.


(1) PCBA design

(2) PCBA manufacturing

(3) Embedded system design , including harware,software,firmware