Henry HUang
Henry HUang
R&D Engineer at ABATECH Electronics
Taipei, Taiwan
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ABATECH Electronics Co., Ltd.. specialises in the R&D, manufacturing and marketing of professional multimedia components. The company ethos is “ Innovation, Reputation, Service and Quality ”.

Through constant research and innovation, ABATECH continue to develop the Piezoelectric speaker. Since 2009 ABATECH team breakthroughs and is able to apply audio products in Piezoelectric speakers that cannot be done in the past 20 years. Our Research and Development team not only completed the Piezoelectric earphone/speaker module but also claim a number of patent applications for related technologies and working methods.

We provide customers with individually designed Piezo Speaker IC’s, circuit designs and sound processing units for a total solution. We also assist customers to integrate Piezoelectric Speakers on Slim, lightweight, energy saving products such as Wearable device/Mobile/Laptop / Sound Bar/ TV/ 3C products, etc...

China Piezoelectric Speaker factory “ Dongguan YouHong Electronics Co., Ltd. “ was founded in 2013 and is located in the Dongguan area . We were certificated to ISO9001/2008. Our focus is on mass production of Piezoelectric Speakers. Our production facilities cover 9,500 sq.meters where we employ in excess of 150 well-trained staff. The monthly Speaker output currently exceeds one million units but is expected to grow to thirteen million units in the near future, all our products fully comply with RoHS requirements. Our extensive activities and operation optimization have enabled us to maintain the leading position in the industry. Our aim is to continuously improve the company’s competencies in order to meet future challenges.


  • Dedicated to delivering excellence in multimedia peripherals.
  • Exceptional quality, competitive price, accurate lead-times and products compliance (CE,FCC & RoHS) are our key customer strengths.
  • Provide more health safer, humane and efficient working environment.
  • To produce environmentally friendly products which are kind to the earth.


To be the world largest audio peripherals manufacturer through advanced manufacturing and innovative design.



4523 series (45x23 mm²)

  • ABAT31-C34523NA01
  • ABAT31-C34523NB00
  • ABAT31-C34523GA00
  • ABAT31-C34523PA00

4834 series (48x34 mm²)

  • ABAT31-E34834NA00
  • ABAT31-E34834SA00

7676 series (76x76 mm²)

  • ABAT31-E37676CA00
  • ABAT31-E37676PA00
  • ABAT31-E37676SA00

9078 series (90x78 mm²)

  • ABAT31-E39078CA00
  • ABAT31-E39078PA00
  • ABAT31-E39078SA00

Watch series

  • ABAT31-D32322GA00
  • ABAT31-D33124GA00