Henry He
Henry He
VP at Hi-Champ Technology Co.
Shenzhen, China
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Company Website: Hi-Champ Technology Co.

Hi-Champ Technology Co., Ltd bends itself to be the largest in China and famous in the world manufacturer and project provider of home intelligentized, community intelligentized products. Provide the technique and product of smart home, networking home-used electric , inset system, Cyber home, land technology to our customers, with many branches and offices all over the country. In 2005, it will keep improving inland sales network, in the meanwhile, bend itself to open up occident market and exploit oversea business.

  Hi-Champ regards innovation as soul and specialization as goal, persist in land technology and smart home as industrial direction. On the way of enterprise development, try to be professional researching & developing, manufacturing and marketing corporation group.

  Hi-Champ headquarter locates in Shenzhen Hi-Tech Industry Park as the R&D base, by the R&D direction of smart home technique, communication technique, computer technique, develops the products of smart home and smart community which owe the complete independent copyrights. It is Hi-Tech enterprise and Shenzhen important software enterprise. The current products include Bechamp Home Automation Control Centre, Bechamp Smart Home Control System, Bechamp Smart Illumination Control System, Bechamp Ehome Smart Home Long-distance Control System and Bechamp Smart Switch and Socket. The capability of the products have met the international advanced standard.

  Hi-Champ factory locates in Shenzhen Baoan Qiaotou Industrial Park, the total construction land is 4500 square meter. It has automatic electronic products manufacturing line, mould manufacture, plastic injection, spraying and spreading, silk screen printing manufacturing line. Carry out ISO9001:2000 quality system, aim at professional manufacturing, create the largest smart home product manufacturing base in China. Hi-Champ owes many independent knowledge copyrights, two registered trade marks and seventeen product patents, four software products among them have applied copyrights registration to National Copyrights Registration Centre.

  In accordance with modern management concept, it keeps improving the operation system, make scientific working flow, exploit the market vigorously, at the same time, keep tidying and amalgamating the market resources, establish scientific talent fetching and inspiriting system, make the company full of hearty development.

  “Honesty & Reputation, Innovation, Excellence” of corporation spirit will be well incarnated on each Hi-Champ stuff‘s action, in the meanwhile, it also inspirits every Hi-Champ stuff to serve the society honestly, pursue technique innovation, seek the excellence facing to the future society information tidal wave. Today at the times known for “Hi-Tech”, the life should be directed by Hi-Tech and Human. In front of Hi-Tech, Hi-Champ will keep working hard and try to create rich life new standard, create human new life together.

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  Hi-Champ R&D strategy: focus on the smart home techniques, expand the R&D from the backward position to advanced position; through independently R&D central techniques, decrease the product cost and make the company have the initiative of trade development.

  Hi-Champ Product strategy: insist on preceding by techniques and total cost, guarantee company’s product R&D techniques precede the same trade 6-12 months.


Digital touch panel

BC-SN10HD RF/Zigbee Android 10inch control panel



O/S:Andriod 4.2

CPU: ARM A9 dual core,1.5GHz



External storgae:TF card

Touch screen:Capacitive touch screen

LCD display:10.1” SAMSUNG IPS HD LCD screen, 1280*800

Camera:Imported HD WDR camera

Networking:10/100M Ethernet, embedded WIFI networking card

Interface:Zigbee&RF&WIFI&blue tooth、TF card、RJ45、RS485、8-way built-in security interface


Power supply:DC12V


Working temperature:-10~60℃

BC-SN100E RF Linux 10inch control panel


Size: 283*181*33mm

CPU: ARM9 400MHz

Memory: 128M

Flash: 128M

External memory: SD card for storing audio and video files

LCD: 6 million color TFT 7.0 inch, Resolution: 800*480

Operation mode: resistive touch screen

Camera: 2 mega pixel CMOS camera

Networking: 10/100M base Ethernet

Interface: SD, 3 video inputs, RS485, RS232

Installation: wall mount type

Power supply: DC 12V

Power: <4W

Working temperature: -10~60℃

Home automation

BC-K3JRA8 RF 3gang smart switch



Communication:one way RF(433.92Mhz)

Installation:86*86 box

Receiving sensitivity:-105dBm

Operating Power:AC220V ±20%

Operating temperature:-10℃ ~ 50℃


Max Power:500W/route

Load:3 routes

Type of loads:incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamp, fluorescent lamp, halogen lamp

BC-K1TZC1 Zigbee 1gang dimmer touch switch



Communication:two way Zigbee(2.4GHz)

Installation:86*86 box

Receiving sensitivity:-97dBm

Signal launching power:~4.5dBm

Operating Power:AC220V ±20%

Operating temperature:-10℃ ~ 50℃

Rated Power:600W

Load:1 route

Type of loads:incandescent lamp, halogen lamp

Digital video intercom

BC-MK00FA Android villa door station


Size: 105*221*37MM

Back box size: 96*211*60.5mm

O/S: Android 4.2

CPU: ARM A9 dual core, 1.5GHz.


Flash: 4GB

Camera: Imported HD camera

Operation mode: Capacitive touch button

Installation: Embedded wall

Networking: 10/100M Ethernet

Interface: RJ45、RS485、2-way dry contact input, 2-way dry contact output

Power supply: DC12V


Working temperature:-40~50℃

BC-MK43LD Linux apartment door station


Size: 150*580*60MM

O/S: Linux 2.6.19

CPU: ARM9 400MHz

RAM: 128MB

Flash: 128MB

Camera: Imported HD camera

LCD:4.3 inch LCD screen; Resolution: 480*272

Operation mode: Mechanical button

Installation: Embedded wall

Networking: 10/100M Ethernet

Interface: RJ45, RS485, lock

Power supply: DC12V


Working temperature:-40~60℃


BC-WK03ZB Zigbee temperature control module

ZigBee Temperature Controller


Communication:two way ZIGBEE(2.4Ghz)

Receiving sensitivity:-97dBm

Signal launching power:~4.5dBm

Types of operating:Central AC fan coil/air pipeline

Button type:Capacitive touch button

Operating voltage:DC12V

Standby power:<2W

Accuracy of sensitivity:±1℃

Temperature range:6~36℃

Temperature display:0~99℃

Controlling voltage:AC220V ±10%

Rated power:500W

Operating temperature:0℃ ~ 45℃

Operating humidity:5~95%RH(no frost)

BC-YKZBGG Zigbee&IR remote controller



Communication:two way ZIGBEE(2.4Ghz)

Receiving sensitivity:-97dBm

Zigbee luanching power:~4.5dBm

Operating voltage:DC3.0~6.0V(4 #7 alkaline battery)

Standby current:<40uA

Operating distance:<20M

Operating temperature:-10℃ ~ 50℃

New Concept Products

Cloud Intercom


Size :86*86*35MM

Back box size:86*86*50mm

O/S :Andriod 4.2

CPU :ARM cortex A9 dual core, 1.5GHz.


Flash :4GB

Camera : 1 MEGA camera

Operation mode:push button

Installation:embedded wall

Networking:10/100M ethernet

Interface:RJ45、DC 12V, POE

Power supply:DC12V


Working temperature:-20~60℃