He Huang
He Huang
Manager at Shenzhen BSX Technology Electronics Co., Ltd
Shenzhen, China
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Shenzhen BSX Technology Electronics Co., Ltd is previously known as the division of home healthcare product of BLY Electronic Technology Group (Hong Kong) Limited, focusing on the R&D of home healthcare products, production and overseas sales over a decade and providing the electronic sphygmomanometer and healthcare massage equipment for leading brands in Europe and America based on long-term OEM service. At present we’ve developed a various range by our leading technology in this industry. We’ve owned many independent intellectual property rights and patented technology for healthcare products and its solutions. Some relevant products have been marked CE and approved by FDA.

With the dramatic increase demanding in domestic healthcare equipment market, in June, 2012, we officially decided to enter the domestic market of home healthcare products in order to meet the tremendous needs and to create our own Chinese brand in home medical healthcare industries. That was how Shenzhen BSX Technology Electronics Co., Ltd was born.

During the R&D period, we’ve invested large amount of human capital and funds, we aim to become the leading brand in healthcare equipment industries in China. We own the-state-of -art production line and testing equipments, including 30 automatic placement machines, 16 automatic production lines and our annual capacity are 10 million units. With 60 employees in our core and professional R&D team, relying the leading electronics technology platform in Shenzhen and collaborating with R &D in universities from home and aboard for new projects developments through innovation and services, it allows us providing more practical and effective diagnosis by monitoring healthcare products to meet the medical needs of health care products in the domestic market.

As far as the medical healthcare products concern, the safety and reliability are the essential requirements. Therefore, we have established a quality control team with 100 employees. We strictly carry out the relevant national regulation and the industries standards to ensure the safety of our products. In the meantime, we implement the inspection standard according to the national JJG series MC standard to ensure its accuracy. We strictly apply to ISO13485:2003 (idt YY/T0287-2003) to build up our own quality management system (QMS). In 2013, our quality management system has been passed the appraisal of medical device manufacturing enterprise by China Food and Drug administration (DFDA)