Hardik Sanghavi
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Company Website: Iolytics

Iolytics is an Internet of Things (IoT) driven hardware and software company that powers enterprises and business connecting devices, data, people and processes together to provide smart real-time intelligence from raw or untapped data. Iolytics provides Smart Sensor Data solutions, Machine to Machine (M2M) and IoT solutions.

With the hardware and software technology expertise, Iolytics enables faster ramp-up and implementation times for IoT solutions. Our customers are able to model and build complex processes more efficiently and easily integrate device data into key enterprise decision making system.

Projects done:

1. Cloud based Data Monitoring Systems

Flexible platform to acquire data from any sensor, display the data on LCD and transmit data through WiFi/Ethernet/Bluetooth/RS485/MODBUS or any other customer specific protocol.

Cloud based system to capture and store data with powerful analytic.


2. Portable Data Sensor

Battery powered flexible data sensor to measure temperature, humidity, pressure and light for up to 3 months continuous operation. Data downloadable over USB.

Most effectively used for environment sensitive, long distance material transport.


3. Home Automation

Switch with touch control for controlling of lights, fans, AC's. Control also available through App.

4. Car Health Monitor and Track

Hardware and Cloud Based software Platform to monitor car health and track. Effective driver behavior analysis. Trip Management and lots of features to make cars smarter.