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Haoran Chen
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Shenzhen, China
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Smart ISM Technology Co.,Ltd is headquartered in Shenzhen,We focus on serving electronic manufacturers,in the industries of home security,lighting,home appliance and data collection devices etc,with our one-stop solution,which includes IOT gateway,cloud server and mobile APPS.

We are committed to providing high-end products and quality service. R & D center has control app software design, server software, Ethernet communication software, MCU software, circuit design, graphic design and system integration of sound R & D team, to provide comprehensive service solutions, to meet different customer from the gateway to the cloud to the control system customized requirements of the app.

The company's future will be established in Shenzhen R & D Center,Zhongshan, Changsha, Ningbo, Beijing four major R & D and service base layout.We uphold the corporate philosophy-Respect for the higher-ups,kind to the subordinate,friendly to others,take things seriously.Manufacturers in hand, and common progress, determined in Networking software design service industry to create a big national brand.


Mobile APPs


According to the actual application requirements of the customers,we customize APP interface, function and control mode.

User friendly

APP based on the design of a fool type operation mode, users get started fast, less customer complaints, high experience.


APPs are able to add security, camera, electrical, electrical control, health data collection, environmental monitoring and other terminal hardware.

Multiple versions

APP support Android, iOS, PC, WeChat and other versions.

Gateway solution



It can be connected to the Zigbee/Z-wave, 315/433/470M and other bands and FSK/ASK modulation mode of the end devices

RF range

We can support different RF techologies whose RF range from 100 meters to 10 kilometers


We supply different internet modules include WIFI,GPRS,3G/4G,LORA,NB-IoT etc.

Brand compatibility is good

Gateway access a large number of different brand product manufacturers,Customers to choose their own,the user can freely add

Cloud soft ware

Multi continental support

The server can be set up in a plurality of continents in the world, and can be set up in the local area according to the customer's users.

Support private cloud

Set up private cloud to ensure the security of user's privacy。

Operation platform

To provide an exclusive end user management platform for more business.

Secure & Stable

Based on the cloud deployment encryption system,lawless elements are turned away,the implementation of twenty-four hours monitoring,stable and secure.