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The Seiko Instruments Inc. semiconductor business has been spun off as a separate joint-venture entity called SII Semiconductor Corporation through joint investment with the Development Bank of Japan Inc. (DBJ) and will commence operation in January 2016.

Leveraging DBJ’s extensive network and know-how in the field of M&A strategy, the new company aims to establish a global presence in the semiconductor industry.

We began in-house development and fabrication of CMOS ICs based on the production of the world’s first practical quartz watches in which CMOS ICs were incorporated. Since then, we have made a significant contribution to the electronics industry by providing small, low-power consumption, and high-precision analog semiconductor products, not only for watches, but also for a wide range of consumer, mobile, and automotive devices.

As analog semiconductor products will play a more critical role in the accelerated shift to electronically enhanced automobiles and an IoT (Internet of Things) connected society, we remain committed to providing customers with high-quality semiconductor products and services and optimal solutions that meet customer needs.


(1) Voltage regulators(LDO)

A rich lineup of advanced voltage regulators with ultra-low current consumption and high ripple rejection ratio!

  • The world’s smallest class 0.8 x 0.8 x t0.4 mm
  • High mounting strength and high power dissipation
  • Low current consumption 0.9μA, thermal shutdown, discharge shunt etc.

(2)Voltage detector

Achieves remarkable, ultra-low current consumption and high accuracy voltage detection! Next-generation flagship model voltage detector (Reset IC)

  • No.1 global share*
  • Low current consumption of 270 nA
  • High detection voltage accuracy of ±0.5%

(3)Watchdog timer

Watchdog timer with reset function

  • Optimal for microcontroller monitoring system
  • The time-out mode and the window mode are selectable.
  • Super-low current consumption 3.8 μA typ.

(4)Switching regulators

Innovative technology driving high efficiency ratings and high switching frequencies, Variations to meet every requirement

  • Low-voltage operation from 0.9 V
  • High-speed response, response to load fluctuations
  • High efficiency with light load, auto switch PWM/PFM

(5)Power sequencer

Enables easy control of the power sequence only by connecting an external capacitor.

  • Low current consumption of 3.0μA typ. (in a stable status)
  • Enables various sequence operations

(6)Charge pump IC

SII Semiconductor Corporation’s charge pump ICs utilize multiple external capacitors to provide various power supplies such as constant current and step-up voltage.

(7)Composite ICs

Lineup of VCOM buffer amplifier, and Battery backup ICs

  • Constant voltage power supply or reset circuit of battery-powered equipment, VTR, camera, communications equipment and others.
  • Lithium-ion secondary battery pack

(8)Lithiums-ion battery protection ICs

Internal high-accuracy voltage detection circuit, Low current consumption, Small package

  • Wide lineups of 600 products
  • Long history for 20 years
  • High accuracy, low current consumption

(9)General use serial EEPROM

We offer a wide range of product lineups with high reliability, high performance, and high quality.

  • Excellent rewrite performance 1 million
  • Error prevention function available to protect data
  • Small SNT-8A package (75% smaller than TSSOP package)

(10)General use and automotive use serial EEPROM

No.1 share in Japanese automotive market*.
105°C/125°C operation guarantee.

  • Long rewrite life guaranteed: 1 mil. rewrites at 85ºC; 500,000 rewrites at 125ºC
  • Industry top data retention: 50 years at 125ºC
  • Short write time: 4 ms max.
  • Malfunction prevention: LVDET, CPM, Schmitt input

(11)Temperatures sensor ICs

We SII Semiconductor Corporation offer a lineup of analog-type analog output temperature sensor ICs with a linear output voltage for temperature changes and switch-type temperature switch ICs which invert the output signal by the detection temperature.

  • Digital Output Temperature ICs
  • Analog Output Temperature Sensor ICs
  • PWM Output Temperature ICs
  • Temperature Switch ICs (Thermostat ICs)

(12)Magnetism sensor ICs(Hall ICs)

SII Semiconductor Corporation Hall IC (Hall Switch) is a small-package integrated circuit capable of high-sensitivity, low current consumption operation.Combining this IC with magnets enables detection of open/close state in various devices.

  • For open / close switches of portable devices: super low current consumption 1.4 μA
  • For detecting open / close state and direction of home appliances and housing equipments… Detection from high speed to low speed
  • For detecting rotation state and direction of home applicances and housing equipments… Bipolar Detection from high speed to low speed

(13)Real time clocks

Ideal match for SII quartz crystal!
Ultra-Low current consumption of 0.25 µA!
Ultra-small package, High accuracy real time clock

  • Low current consumption of 0.25 µA
  • High-accuracy clock correction with minimum resolution of 1 ppm
  • Better solutions such as constant output of 32 kHz
  • Small SNT and WLP packages

(14)Programmable port controller

Port Expander with built-in EEPROM,
Operating voltage 2.3 to 4.5V,
8-ch digital output

(15)Operational amplifiers

The mini analog series is a family of ICs that integrate general-purpose analog circuits in a small package.

  • Low voltage operation 0.9V, Low current consumption 0.75μA max.
  • Low Input Offset Voltage 10μV max.
  • Small Packages SC-88A 2.0×2.1mm etc.


The mini analog series is a family of ICs that integrate general-purpose analog circuits in a small package.

  • Low voltage operation 0.9V, Low current consumption 1.4μA max.
  • Small Packages SC-88A 2.0×2.1mm etc.

(17)Automotive ICs

Many ICs are equipped in automobiles which continue to evolve at a dizzying pace.

For the purpose of safe driving, high quality automotive ICs are to be desired. Due to growing popularity of environmentally friendly vehicles such as hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), electric vehicles (EV), idle reduction vehicles etc., automotive ICs are also required to be low current consuming and provide precision sensing capabilities.

SII Semiconductor Corporation offers a lineup of automotive ICs that meets the needs of the customer and of society by leveraging its “3-Zero Concept” consisting of “Zero Standby” low current consumption technology and “Zero Error” high precision technology cultivated by watch-making technology, and “Zero Defect” high quality products that our top-selling automotive E2PROM, etc. are aiming at.