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GROW Corporation
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Tokyo, Japan
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The GROW Spirit

“Grow together” and “Propose new values in Japan”

The most important goal for us is to lead the business of our partners to success quickly and with certainty. Therefore, our motto is that we are committed to supporting our customers by utilizing our experience and network. We believe that we can also grow through their successful experience.

In addition, we are aimed at proposing a new value that Japanese customers are satisfied with by introducing good products and services from overseas. Until now, we have contributed to the sales increase of our partners after introducing various products of overseas manufacturers into the Japanese market. We propose and support the most appropriate marketing for you to open up a new market in Japan by submissions to exhibitions, PR activities on the Internet, advertising activities using SNS, TV, magazines and other media, catalogs and HP design.

We provide services aiming at “stronger brand power x control of price competition x sales price increase”.