Gregg Sullivan
Gregg Sullivan
CEO at GeoTraq
Las Vegas, United States
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Company Website: GeoTraq

GeoTraq has invented a new cellular transceiver module for use on GSM networks. Our module is different from existing Cellular, Bluetooth, ZigBee and Wi-FI modules. Our module transfers data over a cellular network without using a data channel but instead uses the broadcast control channel (BCCH). This allows our module to support long range communication while consuming very little power. IOT devices can now operate almost anywhere in the world for years without recharging. This is a huge advantage over short range solutions such as Bluetooth, ZigBee or Wi-Fi. We call our cellular module a "Cell-ID Module" and the quantity price is $5.00 per unit. Unlimited monthly worldwide cellular service is $1.00 per month. Deploy your IOT products globally with our new G-200 Cell-ID Module.

Currently wireless IOT devices rely on Bluetooth, ZigBee and other short range wireless technologies. The reason millions of deployed IOT devices don't use long range cellular technology is due to the fact that cellular modules that power cellular devices are too large, expensive and power hungry to be used in the majority of IOT applications. GeoTraq solved this dilemma by creating a cellular module that does not require a data plan to collect information from IOT devices in service worldwide. By not using the cellular data channel, a IOT device is much smaller, less complex, less expensive and can operate globally for long periods of time without being recharged. The global market size for GeoTraq "Cell-ID" modules exceeds 1 billion. More than 50% of the worlds IOT devices can benefit by going cellular.