Greg Watts
Greg Watts
Commercial Manager at Terabee
Saint-Genis-Pouilly, France
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Proud to be taking the smallest, lightest and fastest time-of-flight distance measurement sensors to market for advanced automation, robotics and drone operations. Terabee provides innovative measuring and sensing solutions and are solving the problem of autonomous navigation for robotics, with a different approach. In short, we provide better eyes (and the associated intelligence) for faster robotics!


Technology based on time-of-flight (ToF) for range finding is very powerful when used with light rather than sound. Our sensors perform as well as lasers but are safer, smaller, lighter and less expensive! Compared to ultrasound, they provide far greater range, faster readings and greater accuracy whilst still maintaining their small size, low weight and low power consumption characteristics.

TeraRanger time of flight technology comparison


(1) TeraRanger One

The TeraRanger One is a lightweight, high-performance distance measurement sensor based on infrared time-of-flight (ToF) technology. It is much faster than ultrasounds, far smaller and lighter than laser-based systems, and it uses very little power. Its small size and high performance make it ideal for modern robotic applications, drone operations and automation, enabling robots to be used in situations that were not previously possible. Its cost-effectiveness makes it suitable for high volume usage as well as powerful research and DIY applications.

TeraRanger One best distance sensor

(2) TeraRanger Duo

The TeraRanger Duo is a powerful surface detection solution for any environment! Combining our advanced infrared time-of-flight (ToF) technology with classic ultrasound technology, you’ll never again have issues detecting the proximity of difficult surfaces. Whether it’s reflective, transparent or absorbent surfaces such as carpets, water, transparent glass, or sound absorbing materials, TeraRanger Duo will provide fast, accurate results in a super-light and cost-effective package.

TeraRanger Duo picture best sensor for anti-collision

(3) TeraRanger Lidar

TeraRanger Lidar is an entry-level LiDAR device for short-range indoor applications such as Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM). It utilises a custom version of the popular TeraRanger One sensor to create a small, light and easy to use solution at an affordable price. It is fully eye-safe and can replace more expensive laser systems. It is ideal for education, research and DIY applications.

Please note this is sold as an evaluation unit and in limited numbers. Be one of the first to test and evaluate this new Lidar product! Eventual production units and prices may differ to this version.


(4) TeraRanger Hub

The TeraRanger Hub allows you to connect up to 8 TeraRanger sensors and obtain rapid distance values from each sensor. The data is streamed out from a USB or UART port as an array of calibrated distances in millimetres. It is the perfect tool for multi-directional robotics perception, while its low power consumption and small size make it ideal for embedded applications. If you need more than 8 sensors, simply stack more hubs!

A free graphical user interface is available for download. It provides a clear readout of the distance values being obtained by each TeraRanger sensor and allows you to set certain sensor parameters.

TeraRanger Hub

(5) TeraRanger OSD

This on-screen display for TeraRanger One shows distance values from up to 8 sensors directly on your controller screen at the same time as your live video feed. A graphical user interface allows you to choose where on your screen to display the values, allowing you to place the data according to your choice and other OSD data that you may already be displaying. You can also set-up off-set distances and threshold distances. When a threshold distance is breached the distance data for that sensor will display in a flashing mode until the threshold has been re-established. This visual warning system is perfect for precision drone flight in close proximity to obstacles and for complex landings.

Supports NTSC and PAL video formats, with analog video in and out. Dimensions: 56 x 56 x 14mm. Weight: 25g with case, 15g without case.

NB: The video has been made using a first prototype of the TeraRanger One “outdoor” sensor showing a 14m range in outdoor conditions. The video should not be taken as an example of the outdoor range available with a standard TeraRanger One sensor.