Grace Hseih
Grace Hseih
Sales Representative at Multi-Function Co., Ltd
New Taipei, Taiwan
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Multi-Function Co. Ltd was founded in 1995. Our service is to provide a total solution from mechanical design, manufacturing to assembly. Due to more over 20 years’ extensive experience in the field and own in house CNC shop, we are familiar with multiple manufacturing processes and different materials application and limitation. As a result, we are capable of providing a timely problem solving and cost effective solution to achieve customers goal.

 Key strength-  New ID design  Mechanical design  Electronics design  In house CNC shop for making metal parts and sampling  Main products  Active/passive stylus  Presentation gear -Green laser pointer -Red laser pointer -Wireless presenter  Multi-functional pen  Motorcycle Boutique -Motorcycle USB charger -Anti-theft system -Turn Signal light  Customization CNC parts & design

About Multi-Function CO., LTD

Since our establishment in 1995, we have aimed to be the one who offers the best and the most valuable service for our clients, for all our end users, and for ourselves.

Technology changes in seconds. We want our life to be more convenient and comfortable. We want to keep moving, and being valued on what we do best.

We're not a big corporation, we want our company to be small, flexible, responsive, and adaptive. Our compact organization makes our staff a tightknit group, which enables all members to work fast and efficient.

To our members, Multi-Function is not only a place to work, but a place to build dreams. Besides from routine work and client services, our staffs are encouraged to propose improvements to current products and procedures, new projects for advanced products, or even developing new product lines. We are free to go anywhere, as long as we keep our core competence at the base - precise metal parts and process integration.

To our clients, we are not just a supplier who only listen to the purchase orders and assigned spec. We're capable to join the design process, to give sound advice for better production processes, and to alert potential risks. We want you to grow, and we want your products to be enjoyed by more people.


Anti-theft System

Electronic Anti-theft System | S1

Green Laser Pointer

Green Laser Pointer With Blue Grip | GLP-O53

Red Laser Pointer

LPT-11 | Red Laser Pen


Kitchen Stylus | STP-3310

USB Charger/Scooter USB charger/Motorbike USB charger

Scooter USB Charger | M1

Motorbike USB charger | A2

Motorbike USB charger | A1

Wireless Presenter

Wireless Red Laser Presenter with USB Drive | LSP-55U

Power Tube Fuel Atomizer | CNJH

Power Tube Fuel Atomizer | CNJH