Goosen Lin
Goosen Lin
Sales Supervisor at Kingley Rubber
New Taipei, Taiwan
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ABOUT Kingley Rubber:

Kingley Rubber Industrial Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1972, a well-experienced silicone rubber keypad manufacturer. The 30-year experiences plus continuous efforts to develop new technologies have given KINGLEY a worldwide reputation as one of the leaders in the silicone rubber and membrane manufacturing industries. Our most important goal is to meet the needs of the customers.

With approximately 1000 experienced employees and 30 year experience, Kingley is now excelling in providing you with new product design from concept through delivery. Moreover, we are capable of designing various panels with high quality graphics and durable construction for customers. Besides our dedication to fulfill customer’s requirements of quantity and quality, we are able to meet various environmental protection demands. Untill now, we have overseas offices in Hong Kong, Japan and Germany. In addition to the factories in Chang Shu (Shanghai) and Shenzhen, the construction of our Vietnam factory was completed in June, 2007.


Rubber Keypad

  • Epoxy Keypad
  • Computer Keypad
  • Control Panel Keypad
  • Mobile Phone Keypad
  • Laser Etching Keypad

P+R Keypad

  • Control keypad
  • Standard Keypad
  • Mobile phone keypad

IMD & Touch Panel

  • IMD Keypad
  • Touch Panel
  • Slice Injection

Membrane Switch

  • R+M
  • Epoxy Membrane
  • General Membrane

Wearable device & Composite materials

Rubber Medical Parts

Rubber Parts & Pad

  • Rubber Holder
  • Rubber Connector
  • Rubber Foot
  • Rubber seal
  • Rubber Pad
  • Rubber Parts
  • Multi-Color rubber