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Gilbert Lai
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BMTPow is a leading a smart battery technology & solution provider, with 15+ years of solid experience in Battery Management System (BMS) design. BMTPow mainly conducts research, development and system engineering leading to the most cost-effective Battery Management Technologies in support of lithium battery applications.

Various BMS platforms are custom designed to fit different customer application requirements, such as battery pack for robot, power tools, medical equipment, E-bike, UPS and other portable applications.

Our technology is capable of handling lithium battery packs of 2 to 36 cells in series. Various battery chemistries are supported, such as LiCoO2, LiMn2O4, LiNiO2, LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 and LiFePO4 …

BMTPow offers turn-key solutions to meet each customer’s requirements. Our products range from PCMs (Protection Circuit Modules) and battery packs to chargers and contract manufacturing.


BMTPow started the design of telecom UPS BMS solution since 2007. Our Solution is tailored for a 48V/19” classic rack mount battery, in the equipment power backup. The Lithium battery, a new green energy compared to Lead Acid battery, has the advantages of high energy density, long cycle life, excellent safety performance and high reliability.

Our Solution is suitable for the Telecomm FTTX Network Station, Macro Cell Base Station, Fomtocell Station and Data Centre (IDC) Server. The design is for the classic 17" rack mount type. Without changing the original charging system, BMTPow's solution, can directly replace the lead-acid battery and maximize the capacity by cascading packs in parallel.

Our Solution constantly monitors cell temperature, individual cell voltages, pack current, remaining capacity, varies protection status and other critical battery parameters. It manages and protects the battery, takes appropriate actions, makes the battery free from damage and maximizes the effective battery life.

BMTPow's Solution began the mass production since 2008 and is widely used in China Telecomm, China Unicomm and China Mobile's Telecomm Stations. BMPTow is the only BMS supplier with the actual operation of the product over 6 years.




BMS for 1U BMS for 3U


BMTPow's PCM (Protection Circuit Module) is designed for 5 up to 24 series Lithium battery pack. Thanks to the state of art battery gas gauge controller IC, BM3396, our PCM constantly monitors cell temperature, individual cell voltages, pack current, remaining capacity, varies protection status and other critical battery parameters, generates control signals that may be used with a BMS (Battery Management System), manages and protects the battery, take appropriate actions, makes the battery free from damage, maximize the effective battery life.
Our PCM also communicates SOC & SOH with host via the SMBus, RS232, RS485 or CANBus interface, displaying remaining capacity, cell voltages and other useful information via LED module and LCD panel.

2 Terminals (Charging / Discharging Same Port) 3 Terminals (Charging / Discharging Seperated Ports)

BMS Production Road Map

Since 2003, BMTPow has been a leader in battery management solutions for notebook and handheld products. BMTPow provides the first single chip, BM3318 (RISC MCU, analog front end,AFE, protections). Now, the series of BM33X8 ICs, provide accurate fuel gauge, smart cell balance, 2-levels voltage/current/temperature protections, smart charging/discharging control, so as to maximize battery run time and enhance systems' reliability.

Tailor-Made Pack

Based on the core BMS design and over 10 years applications experience, BMTPow has built-up a good relationship with the cell suppliers and also has intensive experience in different applications such as 48V UPS for solar, telecomm station, E-Scooter, Golf Car, Wheel Chair, E-Bike.
With our strong mechanical design and finished product testing, we have custom made lithium battery pack for different applications.
To better assist us in providing you with our solution and prices for the customized battery Packs, please fill the enquiry form and send them to us. We will respond in less than 24 hours.