George Cook
George Cook
Engineer - Owner at 123DESIGNS
Crestview, United States
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Company Website: 123DESIGNS

123DESIGNS is dedicated to transforming great product ideas into tangible sales. In the last three years we have helped launch 19 new products, with success defined by sales exceeding investment. The process involves;

- Product conception

- Market testing

- 3D CAD Design for manufacturing

- Performance simulation

- Fully functioning prototypes

- Manufacturing supply chain setup.

123DESIGNS focuses on new development of consumer products, medical products & electronics. We also have a passion for toys and furniture. Our expertise is 3D CAD design, visualization, and we specialize in plastic parts for injection molding. We maintain a close partner network of industrial designers, electrical (PCB) engineers, simulation specialists, angel investors, marketing experts, manufacturers, and sales professionals. Together our passion is coaching entrepreneurs through the product design, prototype, crowdfunding, and mass manufacturing process. If you would like a free 30 minute conversation about your business, you can call me at 850./.389.-.4457. NDA's quickly available.

Bring your idea…123DESIGNS will lead you into production.