Gary Growden
Gary Growden
CEO, CIO at Aion Equity Group, LLC
Minneapolis, United States
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Gary is the founder and inventor of Natural Storage Systems, Beviamo Products and Medi-TransPac. His creative and entrepreneurial background is quite diverse, while having specialized in leasing food processing and packaging equipment. He has been a successful songwriter and the developer of concepts and designs used in private equity financial transactions, transportation equipment, medical devices, food storage, beverage cooling and serving systems. He currently has several patents pending.

Gary has been responsible for leading new product development as a corporate expert regarding new compelling consumer driven products. He is the inventor and creator of Natural Storage Systems, a revolutionary food and product storage system that should become a paradigm shift in food storage for the home. His design, work and creativity with Beviamo Products has developed the ideal cooling system for bottled or bag-in-box wines including chilling other beverages to their optimal temperatures. In the food production industry, he has developed new products and designs from recipe through launch both in-plant and with co-packers for the industry. Gary can cover critical operation & process issues as well as formulations, packaging and costing. Manage project timelines; coordinate all stages of product implementation among marketing, sales, production, finance and engineering, in order to ensure the successful introduction of products into the marketplace.

Gary has owned and operated successful business ventures in international finance, product distribution, sales and marketing throughout the US, Canada, Europe and India with prior offices in Luxembourg City, Lux., Maracaibo, Ven., and Rome, IT. Gary currently has offices in Accra, Ghana and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Gary was Honorary Chairman of the Business Advisory Council in the State of Minnesota and a former member of the Presidential Roundtable.