Frederic Vautard
Frederic Vautard
R&D Manager at Tektos Ecosystems Ltd.
Hong Kong, China
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Company Website: Tektos Ecosystems Ltd.

Product development from concept to mass production.

With technical backgrounds including advanced robotics, wireless technologies, software development and communications, Tektos' team of engineers bring innovation from a wide spectrum of skills and experience.

Electronic Design

Handles electronic design starting from system architectureand component sourcing to developing schematic design for analog, digital and RF circuit. We also have strong experience with sensors from different domains, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Air Quality, Robotics related.

Firmware development

Develops firmware for MCU from8 bits to 32bits for many types of applications, connected devices / IOT (Internet Of Things), general consumer electronics products, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n).

IoT Development

We handle development on device side (firmware) and on the server side with strong experience with Linuxsystem & network administration, backend and server side software development(PHP, MySql, Python) and maintenance, system scaling, Amazon EC2 and other major cloud platform.

Mobile App Development

We design and develop on iOSand Androiddevice with strong experience with BLE, iBeacon, and IoT applications.

PCBA Prototype and troubleshooting

Manufactures PCB & PCBA prototypes for test and performance evaluation. We build samples from low cost to high complexity. These prototyping helps to verify all characteristics matching target specifications and greatly helps reduce risks before certifications phases.

Product Costing

We have a mature system of handling BOM (Bill of Materials) costing. We estimate the production cost based on a list of all materials involved in Electronic and Mechanical design. We make sure all parts match with specifications while keeping the cost within target.