Francis Wong
Francis Wong
Director at Wah Shing Electronics Co., Ltd
Hong Kong, China
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Wah Shing Co., Ltd. (Wah Shing ) is one of the leading original equipment and design manufacturers for consumer electronics and consumer entertainment-related goods in the world. Established in 1976, Wah Shing has built a track record of producing innovative and quality products and providing its customers with integrated research, design, development, production, and quality control services.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, with seven factories in China's Guangdong and Guangxi provinces, Wah Shing produces many of the world's most popular product. Its customers include leading brands from around the world.

Our Capabilities

Design Capability

Our industrial designers are the bridge between the original product ideas and the engineers who develop the detailed design and prototypes. These teams are responsible for taking a concept and optimizing it for usability, appearance and manufacturing potential. These teams create value and provide solutions for both the user of the product and the manufacturing teams responsible for the mass production process through detailed designs, prototyping and technical support.

Concept from Customer Design

Wah Shing offers design services to for those customers who have the conceptual idea but have yet to come up with the right design. Our R&D team specializes in complete services of converting original ideas and concepts into products for mass manufacturing.

Concept for Customer Design

Our R&D team is also specializes in coming up with new ideas and concepts that captures the latest market trends and industry developments. These concepts are presented to our customers to further enhance and build on their already existing product lines.


We have a well equipped in-house modeling shop, which is able to produce traditional and computerized rapid prototypes with modern CNC and SLA machines. These prototypes are critical in providing our customers with an accurate expectation of how the actual manufactured product will look like.

Technical Support

Our top class technical support team is located in our R&D facility in Long Shan. This team specializes in designing mechanisms, electronics, hardware and software so that the resulting product satisfies the requirements for manufacturing.


Multi-Disciplinary Engineering

Wah Shing has a customer and product-focused engineering team, comprised of experienced Cross Functional Project Managers and Technical Support Engineers, which specializes in chemical, plastic material, mechanical, electronics, tooling, software, packaging, and industrial engineering.

International product safety regulations and the latest quality directives are applied by our expert teams for all products.

A full range of engineering process standards are in place along with a continuous improvement program, and frequent cross-functional meetings occur to ensure most efficient communication and align resources to deliver projects on time.

Product Validation

We adopt a parametric approach to define all engineering parameters at the product development stage. We select the most appropriate manufacturing process and build a suitable engineering design into the product, to ensure optimal production efficiency.

Product Validation is managed under a dual system concept. The Product engineering and Quality Engineering teams run their systems independently to verify product design.


Manufacturing Set-up

Our multi-disciplinary project teams work together to build a highly integrated manufacturing process flow at the early product development stage.

Engineers use GSD and LDS Industrial Engineering standards to define process standards to achieve earliest possible line balance and production ramp up.

Engineers provide clear and detailed work instructions for better production management, and newly integrated set ups are “trial run” during the product development stage to ensure better quality consistency and allow for rapid production ramp up.

Teams of Industrial Engineering to design assembly aids, mechanisation and automation system to support continuous productivity improvement, consistant quality and more effective use of labour.

Accurate capacity planning of new products using GSD and LDS is used for time study and work force measurement standards.


Wah Shing has a world-class mold-making facility equipped with the latest technology, including high precision machine tools for injection molds fabrication. The whole mold making process is highly computerized with latest CAM software.

Our close relationships with universities in Hong Kong allow us to apply the latest in research and technology from their laboratories and fields of study to upgrade our mold-making capabilities. The company progressively invests in state-of-the-art precision machines to meet customers’ high-tech engineering requirements.

We have a 1,200 molds-per-year mold making capacity for producing a wide variety of molds, such as simplest pant graphing, casting, precise polished super gross curved surface finishing, highly complex multi-slides molds, multi-cavities, gas assist ejection ,and fully automatic hot running molds for large volume.

Manufacture Capabilities

Wah Shing has an integrated production capability that guarantees one-stop, fast, high volume, high quality, and low cost manufacturing solutions. Key processes are listed below.

Plastics Process

Injection Molding - over 300 machines ranging from 90 to 650 ton capacity


Blow molding facilities

Additional in-house capabilities:

Mold shop

Color pigment mixing

Decoration Process

Hand Spraying and Auto Painting

Tampo printing

Silk-screen printing

In-house paint production to guarantee capacity and quality

Electronics Assembly

Surface Mount Technology (2.5 millions pieces of chip components are produced per day.)

High speed surface mounting machines

BGA IC mounters

BGA x-ray inspection and re-work capabilities

High-tech facilities such as BGA and 0402 chip placement machines


High speed and accurate machinery

High capacity: 8.8 million aluminum wires/day

Fully Automated Bonding


Advanced forming and spraying wave soldering process

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly

100% thermal control soldering irons and soundproof cabinets for testing sensitivity of mixed pieces cells.

Isolated workshops for non-RoHs operations

Sewing Operation

Press and Laser Die-cut

Machine Embroidery

Sewing Machine with various aids and application

Doll hair rooting process

High-tech facilities include laser die-cut machine, 20 head embroidery machine, an auto-thread trimming machine and programmable sewing machine (movable work table)

General Assembly and Packing

Dust-free assembly workshop

Air-conditioned assembly workshop

30 feet to 120 feet assembly line

Reliable control system, programmable, high power, real time monitoring ultra sonic welding machine and large scale production (over 150 assembly lines)

Our high-tech facilities include x-ray machine and BGA x-ray machine for visual inspection


We are also expert in hair rooting and grooming

Our workers are highly skilled and employ high-tech equipment such as triple needle rooting machines