Fion Huang
Fion Huang
Specialist at TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd.
Taipei City, Taiwan
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Since its founding in June of 1956, TECO Electric and Machinery Co., Ltd. has never rested on the laurels of its own success. TECO has started out as an industrial motor manufacturer since 45 years ago. Over the years, it has successfully diversified into a conglomerate with worldwide business operations. TECO is not only renowned as a leading heavy electrical industrial brand, but also as a leading manufacturer of home appliances, telecommunications equipment, IT systems, electromechanical components, and commercial electronics. Not satisfied with producing motors or limited by home appliances, the TECO Group is also committed to the medical information system, e-commerce, semiconductor, optronics, network, software, infrastructure, financial investment, food services, and distribution industries, becoming a globalize, high-tech enterprise group. TECO group has about 30 subsidiaries and affiliations across Asia, America and Europe, and the total employee amount is over tens of thousands. TECO is forever dedicated to long-term development, creating new competitive advantages, enhancing service quality, developing top-flight personnel, and creating outstanding products.


Industrial Motors & Applications Division

Industrial Motor & Applications Division is comprised of an extensive global network of R&D centers, manufacturing bases, and sales & service offices. With solid product development technology and capabilities, abundant engineering and manufacturing resources, and a superb management team with years of multi-national collaborative experience, we provide the best products and services to satisfy the customer needs worldwide. TECO has been designing and manufacturing products with our "Quality-First" commitment in mind to meet and exceed international industrial standards, such as CNS, JIS, BS, IEC, NEMA, IEEE, CSA and UL. Our product line includes low, medium, and high voltage (up to 13,800 volts) premium efficiency and high performance motors, ranging from ? HP to 100,000 HP.

Industrial Product & System Automation Division

From the most fundamental electric drives to control panel project design, construction, and management, TECO is able to develop total solution on industrial automation technology from the manufacturing of DC/AC frequency inverters, and is able to congregate various automation system in the Machine Tool industry, Steel Industry, Semiconductor plant, TFT plant, and Mechanical Electronics Turn-Key projects. Looking into the future, the development of SA products and services will be extended to 3A (FA-Factory Automation ¡B BA-Building Automation ¡B HA-Home Automation) as intelligent building and home automation appliances become much commonly adapted into everyday living.

Power Business Division

In purpose of expanding enterprise synthesis and integration, Power Business Group has been reformed to offer multiple electrical power system and engineering project service. Moreover, Power Business Group has incorporated with electrical equipment and service providers, such as Taian-Etacom?Anyang?Hubbell-Taian?Taitec(Busway?CP&HD?Lighting?GIS) to present better engineering design?plan?construction and structure management services in domestic and foreign markets under the idea of “quality and innovation” and “customer satisfaction.” Power Business Group is the first domestic company to receive the honor of the ISO-9000 quality authentication in engineering business. This certification assures TECO Group has the international quality standard and consistent technical ability to provide superior service for customers and develop the new era of the 21st century.

Home Appliances Division

Since its entry to Taiwan's home-appliance market in 1971, TECO has come to establish itself as the leading brand in Taiwan's home-appliance market, with consistent expansion of its manufacturing and sales network, complimented by an ever-complete product range including Window/Cabinet Air-Conditioning units, TECO Green & Fresh refrigerators, Twin Split Air-Conditioner, Aerobic Purifying Split Air-Conditioners, Inverter Air-Conditioner, Fuzzy Networking refrigerators, which are very popular with Taiwanese consumers. In view of the highly mature home-appliance market, TECO household-appliances have been able to maintain its competitive edge by re-defining the notion of home appliances as a pursuit of higher lifestyles, backed up by TECO's segmented and brand-driven marketing approach focusing on issues of health, environment, technological innovation and services.

AV Division

While heralding in its entry into Taiwan LCD-TV market, and in view of the emerging market sustained by ever-innovative audio-visual usage-models, the AV Division was founded in October, 2003. With its 30-year experience and skill-set in audio-visual product development, TECO sets out to as to firmly ground its presence in the field of AV-related businesses, and to make its mark in Home Entertainment business. With a market-leading move in global LCD-TV business, TECO rolled out TECO-branded LCD-TV business, as well as expanding into OEM and ODM domains, with diversified AV product lines such as CRT TV, flat-screen TV, LCD-TV, LCOS, plus DVD player, DVR, PVR, AV server, etc, while remaining as Taiwan's premiere AV brand, and looking to be world's top-5 suppliers.

Commercial and Industrial Air Conditioning Appliances Division

Commercial and Industrial Air Conditioning Appliances Division provides a full range of all air-conditioning equipments and engineering services for projects ranging from standard air conditioning projects, high-rise water/electric-air conditioning systems, special air conditioning systems for hospitals and precision factories and clean rooms for semiconductor factories. Furthermore, the Division is also responsible for production, sales and service for central water chilling systems, and packet-type and air-cooled split-type air conditioners. We are applying our comprehensive services to residential clusters and office buildings.

Smart Card Division

TECO's Smart Card Division is the main contractor and the driving force of Taiwan's latest national health insurance IC card. On July 1, 2003, 22 million of citizens and residents in Taiwan have started to use their new national health insurance cards with an IC chip on it. The IC card project, which is widely recognized as one of the most advanced in the world, is also the largest single issuance project in the world. In order to accomplish this project within two years, TECO has formed a strong partnership with prestigious companies in the world, such as Giesecke & Devrient (G&D), Hitachi, Infineon Technology, and several domestic IT system integrators. That experience has put TECO's Smart Card Division in an excellent position to develop future business in the banking, security, transportation and smart identification markets. 2004 will be a year of expansion, expand into new market sectors as well as new geographical territories, for the Smart Card Division. This, will certainly become another major milestone in TECO's history of transformation.

Information Appliances Department

With the strong base of IT product R&D capability and marketing experiences, TECO will further consolidate IT, communication and home appliance technologies for a great advantage in the peripheral markets of information appliance and home gateway and on the other hand dedicate in providing system integration services.