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Company Website: Allchips Limited

Allchips is a professional global electronic components online service platform, supplying a full range of electronic components and offering a variety of supply chain solutions for customers.

Located in Shenzhen China, a fast-developing global tech city, Allchips have partnered with over 1000 component manufacturers or authorized agents around the globe. In particular, Allchips has become an authorized agent of or otherwise built deep relations with NXP, Panasonic, TI, Microchip, ST and other leading brands.


Most importantly, Allchips’ products and service have won extensive recognition from our customers. As an expert in electronic component business, Allchips has built a strong procurement team, professional sales staff and outstanding hardware engineers. We know very clearly about customers’ needs and are committed to providing various solutions that help reduce customer costs while improving efficiency. Our motto is to supply genuine components at competitive prices with excellent service.


1. Intelligent BOM system for the BOM cost calculation in 3 second

2. One-Stop BOM Service ( e.g.: replacement, lifecycle, datasheet, buying & delivery in 6 days)

3. Original Only Quality Guarantee

How we help the customers

1. Intelligent BOM System: BOM costs offered within 3 seconds.

2. One-Stop BOM buying and delivery

3. Professional BOM service

Our value for customers

1. Intelligent BOM System highly shorten the project cost calculation time

2. One-Stop BOM service highly improve the buying efficiency

3. Original only source guarantee the quality

4. Professional service highly reduce the project risks

In one word, Allchips provide the customers components supply chain service, make the components buying easy and efficient.

"Buy electronic components, go to Allchips!"

E: Felix.law@allchips.com
W: https://www.allchips.ai

W: http://www.allchips.com

BOM Service




How Allchips electronic components BOM solution help OEM / EMS manufactures?

1. Help the OEM/EMS manufactures win more orders. Before they need 5 purchasers 2-4weeks to offer 1 BOM cost to their customers, now with help of Allchips, they can offer whole BOM in 1 day. Allchips use the intelligent BOM system and big components data match the BOM list parts.

2. Highly reduce the OEM/EMS customer loss rate. Before OEM/EMS always order some fake or refurbished parts, it make them have 30% customer loss rate. Allchips only offer the original parts. Till now, there are 1000 original factories and authorized agents and franchised distributors worked with Allchips. From the first hand sources, Allchips control the quality.

3. Reduce the components cost. Allchips make use of all those 1000 original sources to offer the best cost price to them compared to OEM/EMS before only several traders sources.

4. Increase OEM/EMS customer repeat orders. High quality, high efficiency and low cost bring more and more repeat order from the old customers, also bring them many new customers.

5. 1 days BOM quotation, 1 week delivery also bring the end users more competitive power to win the markets. The makers or small customers no need wait 1 month or more time to bring their new product to the market.

6. Risk avoidance. Allchips also can give the BOM parts like EOL parts, non-Rohs parts, single-source parts remind, and offer some replaced parts to make the projects run successfully.