Farshad Farah
Farshad Farah
Business Development & Account Manager at Texas Instruments
San Francisco, United States
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Company Website: Texas Instruments

Who we are

We are visionaries. We are differentiators. We are TIers. As a global semiconductor company operating in 35 countries, Texas Instruments (TI) is first and foremost a reflection of its people. From the TIer who unveiled the first working integrated circuit in 1958 to the more than 30,000 TIers around the world today who design, manufacture and sell analog and embedded processing chips, we are problem-solvers collaborating to change the world through technology.

Technology & innovation

Technology is our passion. Innovation is our lifeblood. We are constantly working to redefine what’s possible and create opportunities for TI technology to improve people’s lives in every region of the world. Our technologies make cities smarter and more energy efficient. They make cars safer. They make factories more automated and bring to life connected wearable products that help make us healthier. We are also continuously improving the performance and power efficiency of our products to help our customers enable new markets and applications.