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About Serial:

The Vital Link Between Suppliers And Customers

Established in 1988 and listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Stock Exchange since July 2000, Serial System has developed a synergistic global network that is built on strong partnerships with its suppliers and customers. In 2013, Serial System celebrated its 25th anniversary by crossing the S$1 billion revenue mark, making it the largest electronic components distributor listed in Singapore.

Serial System has a customer base of more than 6,000, spanning a diverse range of industries such as consumer electronics, household appliances, industrial, telecommunication, electronics manufacturing services, automotive and medical. Its major suppliers include Texas Instruments, ON Semiconductor, Avago Technologies, TE Connectivity, Advanced Micro Devices and OSRAM Opto Semiconductors.

With 900 employees in over fifty offices and seven warehouses in key Asian markets, namely, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Serial System has one of the largest and most extensive distribution networks in the region. Being in close proximity to its partners gives Serial System the ability to align to the goals of its customers and suppliers, understand their needs better to reduce time-to-market and response time, as well as improve inventory management. In meeting their engineering and supply chain needs, Serial System has become their integral component to success.

Serial System also enhances the demand of its suppliers' components and the product development of its customers by adding value to the components through design and other demand-creation activities.

Moving forward, Serial System will continue to help its partners to be more competitive in the marketplace, today and in the future.

Our Synergistic Global Network

Over the decades, Serial has developed a synergistic global network that is built on our strong partnerships with both our suppliers and customers.

Having a strong partnership with our customers has helped us secure a strong partnership with our suppliers. We also have an edge over other distributors, being one of the few distributors to venture into the 2nd and 3rd tier cities. This makes us an ideal partner for suppliers that wish to penetrate this sizeable market. To ensure strong ties with our customers, we plant our offices where these cities are. This geographic proximity offers us quick insights into the changing trends, which we will relay to our suppliers, to help them align their product development with the customers' needs.

This synergistic network helps us pull our suppliers and customers closer together, offering our suppliers the benefits of reduced business risks and our customers the advantages of a steady stream of relevant and value-added products. Our suppliers include Texas Instruments, Avago Technologies and TE Connectivity(TE).

On our end, we make sure that our distribution network has the strong backing of a robust backend operation that includes an efficient real-time inventory management system. We also have seven warehouses located throughout Asia. All these will help to speed up order delivery and time to market. Today we serve 6,000 customers from various industries as well as countries such as China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.