Ethan Wu
Ethan Wu
Project Manager at THLight CO., Ltd.
Taipei, Taiwan
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Company Website: THLight CO., Ltd.

THLight is APPLE Licensed iBeacon Provider. We have 100 meters range iBeacon and total solution.THLight have the USBeacon solution including hardware/software/big data service

The USBeacon is a bluetooth low energy (BLE) transmitter capable of up to 30 meters or 100 feet communication with BLE ready smartphones (iOS7 and Android 4.3+).

Any capatible smartphone within its range will pick up the beacon’s universally unique identifier (UUID), which then triggers a push notification on user’s smartphone.

Because the beacons can be easily setup locally, its services may be tailored for specific locations. For example, a single beacon may be used to attract shoppers’ attention by providing elaborate demos of a specific product nearby, and multiple beacons may be used to create a virtual map for guiding shoppers.

A stadiums can use beacons in mul- tiple ways, such as quickly guide audience to their seats, restroom, concession stands, or even serve as e-ticket readers.