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UPTMATE is a high quality and high technology company which consists of the most professional and talent members in Taipei, Taiwan. We commit to provide partners the best solutions and services of iOT manufacture in the world.

UPTMATE is sure to do our best for being your best partner. The reasons are not only how professional or talent we are, but also we commit to integrate the best technologies with our innovation to be the perfect solutions for your business.

1. Three-dimensional MID/LDS production:
Various engineering plastics, ceramics, glass making three-dimensional circuit, electroplating copper( nickel, gold, silver)
2. LED lighting Components:
Aluminum base high heat paint coating, shade brightness enhancement film proliferation of film coating, LED FLASF BOARD highly reflective coating
3. Metal surface treatment:
Paint, ED electrodeposition coating, PVD coating, mine eagle
4. Plastic surface treatment:
Color VM, NCVM vacuum plating, two-color (black gold, gold and silver) plating nickel-free water, UV painting, Ray carving, printing

5. Help customers to MP and done all parts in UPTMATEhouse.


Our Abilities

1. OEM for iOT products as Low-Cost Network component, such as GPS Tracker, BLE devices, and wearable devices.

2. OEM for delicate products as sensor glasses, earphones, toys, and pens.

3. Micro-miniature connectors (LCP, PPA material) stereoscopic circuit plating (copper, nickel, gold, silver)

4. MEMS production base three-dimensional circuit
5. LED invisible light sensor circuit production
6. Ceramic substrate, a glass substrate circuit production
7. Sensor-dimensional circuit

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