Founder / Engineer at Punica Systems
Istanbul, Turkey
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Company Website: Punica Systems

Punica is founded in 2014 in order to provide creative solutions/products for new generation homes and buildings. The company has expertise on several industrial communication protocols/technologies and focuses on KNX. Our products are still in development stage and we are working hard to present high quality products to our customers.

Punica is not only an expert about developing products but also has the expertise in system design and commissioning. Our company installs your smart homes & buildings efficiently.

We are also glad to share the knowledge we have and provide training and consultancy services to our customers when needed.

Our long term vision is to become a leader technology company in our region in smart home & building sectors. Our ongoing mission is to create awareness about energy efficiency and contribute to a more livable world.


Product Development

As Punica, our main motivation is to develop creative and innovative products. Specifically, we focus on new generation buildings and energy efficiency. In this manner, we are developing abundance of new products related to industrial communication technologies, internet of things (IoT) and machine to machine (M2M) communication.

Engineering and Commissioning

Lighting, heating, air conditioning, security and others... You dream and we implement! Our expert team is ready to make your buildings more efficient and more comfortable. We provide mainly KNX based solutions. However, we can safely integrate any other techology to our installations as well. Since your %100 satisfaction is our primary goal, we will always be ready to support you before and after any project.

Training and Consultancy

We have solid knowledge and expertise in intelligent buildings. If you need any technical information in our fields of expertise, we are ready to support you! We offer certified KNX training. Additionally, we can also provide training and consultancy services in various topics like smart home/building technologies, product development and embedded system design.