Ellen Wu
Ellen Wu
Sales Manager at Shenzhen RICISUNG Technology co.,Ltd.
Shenzhen, China
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ABOUT Shenzhen Ricisung Technology:

Shenzhen Ricisung Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Kexing Science Park, Nanshan district,Shenzhen, known as the Chinese Silicon Valley. RICI (also Ricisung) is a system solution provider and the worldwide leading manufacturer for smart home, smart community, smart city and product of internet of things. RICI is committed to providing global customers with professional one-stop service for homes, clubs, villas, hotels, apartments and etc. RICI was established in August 2012, and now has its own core R & D team of 180 people who are mainly from France, Alcatel, TCL, Huawei and other well-known companies. In recent years, the company has focused on R & D and attracted many professionals who have a wealth of experience and deep industry background in R & D, project management and other related fields.
RICI has formed a powerful team and owned 70 copyrights and 140 patent rights. In particular, RICI is professional in research and development including hardware, software, and cloud data build and has formed the technical barriers that can’t be exceeded in a short time these field. Because of long-term accumulation of experience in the smart home industry in the past years, RICI will gain rapid development with its energetic team in future.
For promising the product quality and delivery time, RICI set its own factory in Shunde. Furthermore, Foxconn is RICI’s contract factory. What’s more, ODM and OEM are strong points of RICI. Thank you for your visiting and welcome your inquiry.

Our Factory:



RICI smart home product kit include smart center controller, smart switch, smart socket, home security series, environment detecting series and so on.

All above products can be controlled by center controller through ZIGBEE protocol. And all device can be linked to each other, for instance, if people motion is detected by smart motion sensor, the lights or security alarm could be turned on automatically; if the result of air quality that detected by our smart air detector is not so satisfied, fresh air system will be motivated, fan start to run to change new air. More than 24 PCS devices can be controlled by only one center controller, and all device can be linked to each other as signal intermediate transition, signal will never be a problem.



Rici lighting series include smart RGB bulbs, smart sockets, switches and etc...


  • Smart Switch
  • Bulb
  • Regulating Switch
  • Color Dimming Controller
  • Roplug
  • Smart Socket


Rici indoor security series include smart camera, desk camera, smart magnetic door sensor, movement detector and etc


  • Door Sensor
  • Smartcamball
  • Smart Camera (desktop)
  • Movement detector


Rici curtain series include module controller, Duya customized curtain, blinds, roller shades and etc

  • Horizontal Blind
  • Roller Blind
  • Venetian Blind
  • Roman Blind
  • Shangri-la Blind
  • Smart Atomization Glass


Rici Environment series include smart air detector, air ball, smart smoke detector and constant temperature and humidity controller and etc

  • Smart Air Detector:
  • Smart Doorbell
  • Air Ball

Home Theater:

Rici home theater series include desktop control terminal, perfect sound music player and etc

  • WiFi Sound Box
  • Smart Display Pro

Mini PC:

Sparo (R236):

Sparo is a mini PC researched and developed by RICI, and named according to Sparrow, means small but complete.