Elaine Chan
Elaine Chan
Sales Manager at MingFeng Packaging
Dongguan, China
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Company Website: MingFeng Packaging

ABOUT MingFeng Packaging:

Established in 1989 MingFeng Packaging has evolved to become a prestigious top 100 packaging corporation in China. The evolution of MingFeng spans over a 20-year period that started as a small box company and today is a National role model to other China factories. MingFeng is a specialized supplier of packaging to many industries that include: Cosmetics, Jewelry, Liquor, Coin, Gifts, Confections and Medicine. MingFeng has developed an elite cliental that are leading brands, retailers and organizations that include: Swatch Group, Swarovski, L’Oreal, Beijing Tong Ren Tang, Beijing Caibai, Richemont Group, Macallan, Huawei and the China Gold Coin Incorporation. We are the proud partner of packaging to the World Expo Yeosu 2012, World Expo Shanghai 2010 and both Beijing Olympic Games & London Olympics.

230 thousand square meters MingFeng new industrial park is now in the planning and development stages. Our new facility will consolidate our operations and maximize our efficiency to produce as much as three times our current production. MingFeng continues to modernize and utilize only the newest state of the art equipment in the manufacturing process. Having both a dedicated work force with the best machinery assures our customers they receive the highest quality products delivered on time at competitive pricing. MingFeng Packaging is a company with constant goals and the vision of striving to become the finest in our industry. Bringing our clients the newest ideas in packaging materials, helping our clients create innovative designs, supporting our clients with a dedicated team of service managers is why MingFeng is the company and the name you can always trust!



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