Edward Khorkov
Edward Khorkov
CEO/Co-Founder at Polecat
Moscow, Russia
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Company Website: Polecat

We are the startups-focused digital agency

We design, we develop and we release mobile and web applications for hardwire startups all over the world.

- Our process can be described by the following 5 steps -


Initially, the ideas we form from a client's specification are somewhat vague.

To develop our initial ideas into a workable mobile or web app we create a user story by asking the questions, who, what and why? Once these questions have been answered, we can move on to next step.


Without creating a prototype, it's difficult to visualise how the app or website will actually work. To enable visualisation, we usually employ wireframes. They give us a clear understanding of how the product is going to look and work in live environment.

A prototype consists of a storyboard giving an all-encompassing description of what lies within the heart of the application.

User stories and prototyping are followed by the graphical design and programming steps. This helps to identify problems before they arise. We can precisely assess the cost of an app and develop it within budget.

3.Graphic Design

During this phase, we refine the appearance of the storyboard elements until we eventually have a design that we and our client are happy with. When we have added any final touches, we are ready for development.


We approach programming in stages or iterations. Each stage sets the pace for the subsequent iteration while helping us to more carefully plan further work.

We develop mobile apps using native technologies.Our web development stack is based on latest technologies to provide stability and scalability of a final product. Our development capacity is based in Moscow, Russia and can be easily scaled.

5. Maintenance

We don't disappear once the product is released. On the contrary, we continue working with the client. We monitors logs and check system health on regular basis to make sure everything goes smooth.

A few projects we have done recently

PowerDot for iOS and Android

PowerDot is a companion app for a wearable electrical sports muscle stimulator that uses EMS technology and provides active athletes and sports enthusiasts with a way to train, recover and improve their overall sports performance and results.


Instant Tickets

Tickets selling service integrated with major tickets providers like TicketNetwork and TicketEvolution. We developed Instant Tickets iPhone and Web apps.