Edmund Watt
Edmund Watt
Senior R&D Manager at Electronics Tomorrow Limited
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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With over 25 years experience in the consumer electronics industry, Electronics Tomorrow Limited (ETL) has been recognized a good reputation on its innovation, design and quality with efficient timely high volume product delivery.

Based in Hong Kong, ETL is a manufacturer with its own manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, PRC, specialized in developing and manufacturing a wide range of consumer electronics, wireless applications, radio-frequency and audio-visual products including state-of-the-art digital clocks, timers, compasses, weather instruments, car accessories, radios and digital photo frames.

Speaking of technology, ETL is specialized in:

Wireless 433MHz / 915MHz Radio Frequency Data Transmission Products;

Radio-controlled Clocks(Single band / Tri-band);

Weather Instruments;

PLL AM / FM Radios;

Consumer Electronics;

Digital Navigations;

Sensor Application Products ;

With years of hand-on experiences in conforming industrial norms, market challenges, stringent environmental regulations and quality requirements, ETL gains its faith and successfully solicits the business from the many renowned branded customers around the world. To name a few: CASIO, SEIKO, CITIZEN, CANON, PHILIPS, RADIOSHACK, BROOKSTONE, THE SHARPER IMAGE, TIMEX, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC

With our industrial expertise in the niche products and markets, passion, creativity and commitment, we will continue to achieve a healthy and sustainable growth of the company.

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Radio Controlled Clock

Solar Powered Clock

Projection Clock

Cooking/Wire Thermometer

Weather Station

Digital Compasses

Auto/Outdoor Accessories