Eamon Zheng
Eamon Zheng
GM at Shenzhen Aerospace Golden Shine Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen, China
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ABOUT Shenzhen Aerospace Golden Shine Technology:

Shenzhen Aerospace Golden Shine Technology Co., Ltd. is affiliated to China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation(CASC). It focuses on the development and marketing promotion of Active Noise Cancelling(A.N.C) technology. It has more than 10 years of development experiences and independent intellectual property of the core technology. Until now, a number of our technologies have reached the world-leading level. Products include hearing protection, audio-visual entertainment, medical appliance and spatial A.N.C, etc. Shenzhen Aerospace Golden Shine Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in the field of researching, manufacturing and marketing.

Brand Profile:

Golden Shine is a brand combining the features of high technology and fashion. The stylish earphone possesses high-end military quality, by perfect combination of high technology and fashion-orientation, it leads the new trend for aerospace science and technology as well as music quality.

Golden Shine brand will inherit its ethic of technology and innovation, make efforts to practice “a pioneer of popularization of active noise-reduction earphone, a guardian for initiate of scientific music enjoyment habits, and protection of health hearing, and a creator of HIFI audio quality”, and provide consumers with better high fidelity music products, with a view to enable more people to protect their ears, and listen to more moving voices by combination with the trend of fashion.


Audio-visual Entertainment:


Hearing Protection:


Medical Device:


ANC Headrest

Spatial noise-reduction system is implanted into the headrest to intelligently collect noises and send out reversal sound wave through I.A.N.C (intelligent active noise-reduction) technology, thus positively and negatively offset ambient noises, and intelligently initiate comfortable and quiet recreation life.