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Mingguiyuan is an independent component distributor that mainly operates large-scale integrated circuit from Europe, the United States and other well-known manufacturers .We are high-tech company both sale components, consult technology and provide information services.

The company not only has a professional technical team and reasonably price,but also has a large number of inventory reserves for long-term cooperation of customers.The company has high quality supply channels in Europe, the United States, and the Asian region. And we have a stable relationship with manufacturer which can provide OEM& ODM service.

The brands we operate and deputize are famous IC company, including ST,TI,FAIRCHILD,MICROCHIP,MAXIM,PHILIPS and ROHM.

The major areas our products applied to are as followed, IT, communications, remote control, control systems, surveillance systems, automotive, mechanical, instrumentation and appliance control, etc. The products involve communication accessories,switch of video, coding, double sounds and channels, speech dealing.The products are used widely in power, UPS, home appliances, computers, communications equipment, network equipment, power, electronic equipment and other monitoring industries.

Mingguiyuan bases on the concept of credibility first, original authenticity, quality guarantee, excellent service,and implement quality guarantee without precondition within 30days. We try to bring customers the best products and best quality services.With our Information management advantages and modern enterprise management technology, we can work effectivelyin computer network management platform.We connect to the internet through the line INTERNET.

Mingguiyuan has high quality technical support team and perfect services flow,operates internal management with ISO2001 system.We have the best solution for every user, strength in the control of product quality and price. Professional technical support and good service to our customers, order the most suitable electronic components.