Dewi Kodrat
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Company Website: HWTrek Corporation

As a member of HWTrek, we simplify the hardware creation process by providing innovators with direct access to over 1,200+ quality manufacturers and industry experts to bring a project from idea to delivery. Unlike many consulting companies or online platforms, HWTrek does not represent any party, it is a neutral platform that equally provides value to all parties in play. Our mission is to bring innovative ideas to life by changing the way hardware is made.

At HWTrek, I'm here to utilize the skills I’ve gained from my past training and experience to help creators/projects in bringing their awesome innovative idea to the market in the most efficient manners!! I've worked in large scale medical device company and mobile phone company being a design engineer as well as a project manager. I’ve managed projects that are sold worldwide all the way throughout their EVT/DVT/PVT/MP stages. My knowledge and experience can guide you through the efficient way of making your great idea into reality.