Dennis Sheng
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Company Website: ANPEC

ANPEC is a Power-based Mix-siganl IC design house funded in 1997 with four major product lines: 1. Power Management 2. Audio 3. Motor Driver 4. MOSFET

After four years reform from foundation, 2014 we achieved ~20% in revenue growth and over 100% net profit growth. Our focus is on the most value-added segments, products and the world tier-one customers. ANPEC is now at the booming stage after all the strategy transformation and infrastructure improvements.

I'm continuously looking for the ambitious partners to join us, especially the product line biz owner, technical marketing and R&D veterans. The goal is to provide a better and bigger stage for the partners by ANPEC resources, for sure it will accompany by more challenges and self-growth. ANPEC's first BU has been spun off and IPO in 2014, the 2nd BU will do the same within two years. We are keep working on the new BU constructions.

I'm in charge of strategic marketing, technical marketing and R&D group of ANPEC. If you are interested to join ANPEC or has any candidates to link, plz kindly contact me directly.