Denis Phil
Denis Phil
Quality Control Advisor at Asia Quality control
Shenzhen, China
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"Your reliable and flexible quality control and quality assurance business unit based in Asia to secure your import and manufacturing operation."

  • Asia Quality Control Company
  • Who we are in short

    For several years, Asia Quality Control has built an efficient network all over Asia to offer you the most powerful Quality Inspection Service to secure you import and manufacturing operations from China and Asia.

    Asia Quality Control is your ideal partner for your quality management operations in Asia. Our company registered in Hong Kong is specialized in handling quality assurance, quality control, quality consulting, and product testing management.

    We handle customer service and quality inspection operation in a centralized way from Hong Kong / China while product inspections and supplier audits operations are carried on on site by our locally established quality expert.

  • Why we are existing
    • Before starting Asia Quality Control, our founders, have been involved in supply chain management, procurement, engineering and manufacturing activities in Asia. Like you, they faced the same asian trade challenges:
      - Quality issue related to manufacturing environment
      - Endless negotiation with their supplier to correct issue whereas their production was already over
      - Financial risk related to scamming
      - Loading and transportation damaging cargo
      - Non-compliant product face to law and regulation
      - Short deadline to deliver goods to their customer
      - Social responsibility requirement from retailers
    • Asia Quality Control birth was the opportunity to make available its clients the highly leveraged experience regarding all those issue avoiding them falling in the same traps. Today, our company serves as a strategic tool for our clients to help them to avoid sliding on the same banana peel, and this whatever the size of their venture.
    • When looking at the inspection market we can see an impressive growing number of quality inspection firm supplying with a fit one for all inspection offer and methodology. Whatever you are specialized in plastic gift value less than 1USD or a complex machinery value more than 50 000 USD each, for many inspection companies the structure of the control which is carried on remains roughly the same. Asia Quality Control founders saw an important number of company to perform quality control like robot whereas each customer is actually unique and have its own specificity.
    • Spending hours, days and night in factories to solve issue for their clients we have decided to start Asia Quality Control to help also other people like you, by teaching and helping them to secure import and manufacturing operations. They came out with the idea of creating a reliable third party quality inspection department in Asia for importers, retailers, traders, buying agents, and entrepreneurs to help them with overcome those quality obstacles and challenges.
  • Our people

    We believe in people more than anything else because in such kind of industry, this is people judgment, opinion and trustworthy reporting which makes the difference.

    Hence, out of the skills and experience, we deeply believe what make the difference is : integrity, honesty, transparency, discipline, authenticity, loyalty, and trustworthiness.

    • OUR MANAGEMENT TEAM : is made of senior quality consultants, manufacturing experts, and product engineers having accumulated decade of experience on the asian ground.
      They have been involved in trade operation for years and can be your advisors on demand to make your import operation safer.
    • OUR OPERATIONAL TEAM : is made of multicultural people having capability to mix best of both part of the globe : east and west.
      They simultaneously understand western customer service standard and requirement while integrating asian manufacturing constraint.
    • OUR QUALITY INSPECTOR TEAM : integrates quality related people strongly selected based on their past experience, the industry where they performed in (most of them have been specialized in a particular field and mastered their subject), their skills, and the most important : their honesty, their neutrality, their capacity of judgement, and their rigidity face to cupid temptation.

  • What we are expert at





  • Why we are unique
    • ExpertiseWe are specialized in quality management (inspection, audit, consulting, lab testing) and dedicate our time to it. In a continuous improvement way we always optimize our processes. We regularly train, screen, monitor, feedback, and update again new standard our inspectors to make sure they are always at the top of their game.
    • Helping and EducatingNot only supplying safety, we also bring value to our customer by helping and teaching them which technics they can use to reduce quality risk when importing from Asia.
    • OrganizationWe have a unique quality and project manager online system which allow you to optimize your operation and stay in touch with your QC staff and your quality adviser at any time.
    • Clients and Partners orientedWe consider every client and partner is important. Whatever your size, we adapt our mission to you.
    • A real quality management assistanceNot only supplying a report and bye bye, we help you to implement corrective action plan with your supplier to make your operations a success.

  • Who we work with
    • IMPORTERSSecuring their imports and manufacturing order
    • RETAILERSThriving to sustain their image and inspect their products
    • TRADER & BUYING AGENTShowing their judgement neutrality to their clients before shipment
    • MANUFACTUREURSWilling to improve quality, performance and compliance to better satisfy their clients

  • Why work with us
    • We integrate quality management in our process
    • We have a wide and powerful network in Asia
    • We are available team (even late at night)
    • We focus on quality control, inspection, and audit
    • We consider every client whatever its size
    • We provide you customized solutions
    • We advice you how to protect your import efficiently

We have ressources have deep experiences in product inspection and factory audit in China.

Our expertise covers a large scale of products:from the most usual consummer product to the most complex mechanical and technical machine. Just find out to our staff about our possibility to inspect your products.
50% of our inspection are related to textile, fabric, yarn or sport item. Other 30% are related to sundries, 20% remaining are technical items

Our quality inspections and factory audit are performed in Chinaese factories according to the international standard for quality control ISO 2859-1 / MIL STD 105 E / ANSI AQSC Z1.4, ISO 9000, SA 8000, and many more.

We of course accept custom inspections upon our customers' requests.






  • Kitchenware
  • Household utensils
  • Furniture & furnishings
  • Porcelain & ceramics
  • Toys & gifts
  • Seasonal products
  • Sports & entertainment products
  • Stationery
  • Fashion jewellery & accessories
  • Clocks & watches
  • Eyewear & binoculars
  • Tools & equipment
  • Home appliances
  • Light & lighting
  • Electrical tools
  • Electrical vehicles
  • Telephone & mobiles
  • Computer parts
  • Electronic accessories
  • Remote control toys
  • Health & beauty products
  • Fabric
  • Apparel
  • Garment accessories
  • Home textiles
  • Footwear & leather products
  • Luggage, bags & cases
  • Caps & headwear
  • Machinery parts
  • Metal sheet
  • Plastic film
  • Packaging & paper
  • Construction products
  • (Loading supervision only)
  • Chemical material
  • Canned food
  • Fresh food
  • Food ingredients