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Davin Moorman
Field Sales Engineer at Seltech
Raleigh, United States
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Seltech is a global, value-add distributor, with expertise in the fields of :

    • Acoustics (Micro-speakers, Loudspeakers, Dynamic and balanced armature receivers, Microphones)
    • External and embedded antennas (Active and passive solutions)
    • Sensors (Proximity & touch capacitive sensors, infrared, HALL effect, ALS, light sensor)

Seltech has offices in France, China, Germany, Singapore, and the United States.

Our goal is to provide you the right product whatever your application with the best technical support.


Speakers & Receivers

As speakers & receivers, Seltech provides :

    • micro-size speakers (also called miniature dynamic speakers)
    • dynamic receivers (also called hearing capsules or ear-piece speakers)
    • Audio & telecom speakers (also called loudspeakers)
    • Knowles balanced armature receivers (also called in-ear receivers or subminiature speakers)

Seltech micro-size speakers and dynamic receivers are designed to maximize space efficiency and provide superior audio performance for voice and music in small, slim consumer devices, such as mobile handsets or smartphones.

Knowles dynamic receivers are available for narrow or wide band applications in various sizes and performance levels, which can be finely tuned to meet your specific requirements.

Features :

      • Maximized space efficiency
      • High quality and robustness
      • Excellent audio performance-to-size ratio
      • Optimized for all mobile sound applications (handsfree and ringtone)
      • Multi-functional devices including vibration
      • Dedicated application support

To assure highest quality standards, Seltech's micro-size speakers and dynamic receivers are manufactured in a process that uses 100% in-line measurement of all specified acoustical and electrical parameters.

Seltech has completed this range of micro-size speakers with larger size high quality speakers called either audio & telecom speakers or loudspeakers. This extensive selection of loudspeakers (Flat, FXD, Rectangular, Oval, Round, Square, Wide band etc.) has many different contact options, with sizes up to 4".

Knowles balanced armature receivers are based on balanced armature technology, utilized in a variety of high performance audio and communication products. They can be designed to fit inside ear molds, attach to earpieces, or be sub-assembled by Knowles for premium consumer electronics accessories.


      • Balanced-armature, magnetic technology
      • High efficiency, stability, and reliability
      • Customizable performance and port locations
      • Ideal for premium in-ear designs
      • Component and subassembly solutions


Seltech offers also several types of microphones :

    • Electret Condenser Microphones (ECM)
    • Knowles SiSonic™ MEMS Microphones
    • Knowles Specialty Transducer microphones (also called subminiature performance microphones are acoustic components other than SiSonic™ and ECM)
    • and assemblies such as boom microphones from Knowles as well

Electret Condenser Microphones are standard microphones in cylindrical metal can.

Knowles' SiSonic™ MEMS microphones are SMD rectangular silicon based microphones for consumer applications such as Mobile phones, Notebooks, Laptops etc.

Key features of Knowles' SiSonic™ MEMS microphones:

    • New MaxRF models eliminate GSM/TDMA burst noise and provide wide-band RF noise suppression
    • UltraMini footprint - less than 11.5mm
    • Slim UltraMini footprint - less than 8.5mm
    • Digital mics eliminate analog noise
    • Integrated designs with differential or switchable gain
    • "Zero height" for thinnest ever designs

Knowles' Specialty Transducer microphones
are special subminiature performance microphones for high quality applications such as Military, Avionic, Medical etc.

Key features of Knowles' Specialty Transducer microphones:

    • Wide range of size and performance options
    • Magnetic, piezo ceramic and electret condenser
    • Low noise and RF filtering versions

Knowles' booms
are microphone assemblies built-in with specialty transducers for close talking.

Key features of Knowles' booms:

    • Standard and waterproof
    • Flexible and rigid styles
    • Boom housing available in plastic and metal
    • Customized lengths and end terminations

Accelerometers & Dampers

Seltech offers also sensors & acessories from our partner Knowles Acoustics.
Knowles’ sensors include accelerometers and ultrasonic sensors.
Knowles’ accessories are acoustic dampers and wax protection.

Accelerometers are frequently used as contact microphones for radio communications in high noise environments such as firefighting or combat.
The accelerometers reproduce voice signals from vibrations at the throat or from bony parts of the head, and are
compatible with helmet or headset applications.

Ultrasonic sensors are based on Knowles’ MEMS silicon surface mount microphone technology.
While Knowles’ industry-leading MEMS silicon surface mount microphone technology, in bottom port configuration offer flat frequency response in the standard audio bandwidth, they are also capable to support even higher frequency bands. Sensor designs are possible across a wide spectrum of applications requiring highly miniaturized solutions for sensing and actuation/signaling.

Acoustic dampers are acoustic cloth screens for insertion inside acoustic tubing. These damping elements are used between the receiver outlet and the ear canal to smoothen the frequency response.

Wax protection prolongs hearing instrument performance. As the leading designer of hearing aid components,Knowles offers several ways for device manufacturers and end users to effectively address wax buildup. Solutions include WaxBuster and MicroWaxBuster push-piston wax removal systems, and NoWax disposable filter-replacement system.

Azoteq TechnologySensors & Sensing


The Azoteq ProxSense® capacitive controllers are the most sensitive and robust proximity and touch controllers available today.

  • ProxSense® unique technical features:

    • 1000 x more sensitive than competition (allows proximity)
    • Ultra low power consumption (down to sub 2µA)
    • RF Immunity
    • Water Immunity
    • Touch on Metal options
    • RF noise detection
    • Automatic Tuning Implementation
    • AC Noise filtering
    • On-chip regulator
    • Integration of external componentsr
    • Lowest system cost


Azoteq's ProxFusion™ sensor family builds on more than a decade of capacitive sensor experience to integrate more than 6 different sensor technologies into a single IC:

  • Capacitive
  • Inductive
  • Hall-effect switch
  • Hall rotation sensor
  • IR
  • Support for PIR (external component)
  • Ambient light sensors
  • All combined into single package
  • The single package, multi-sensor approach ensures:
    • Smaller BOM
    • Lower cost
    • Lower power consumption
    • Water Immunity
    • Higher reliability
    • Less overhead on the host MCU

Low Voltage and High Voltage LED Drivers


Azoteq's LightSense™ product range of intelligent switches, offers a sophisticated and cost-effective alternative to electro-mechanical switches. Applications include flashlights, headlamps, child lights, automotive interior lights, seat warmers and battery-operated toothbrushes. LightSense™ is widely used by the leading manufacturers of flashlights and headlamps.

  • Advanced Features:

    • Automatic switch-off (time-based)
    • Brightness selection
    • Strobe functions
    • Continuous find-in-the-dark
    • Battery Power Meter
    • Constant Illumination
    • Temperature control
    • Customizable user interface
    • Modes: High, Medium and Low Power, Fast Flash, Slow Flash and SOS


Azoteq's PowerSense™ family provides reliable and cost effective solutions to the high voltage LED lighting industry. Solutions are based around Azoteq’s proprietary high voltage driver family. Azoteq supplies driver IC’s, modules and fully assembled bulbs, tubes, luminaires, high-bay lights and spotlights to a worldwide customer base.