David Zi
David Zi
Account Manager at Shenzhen Soartek Co.,LTD
Shenzhen, China
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Soartek is a full service Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider. We offer complete end to end manufacturing solutions including material procurement, SMT service, printed circuit board assembly (PCBA), box-building, PCBA and system level test. We focus on turnkey business and fast response for small batch sample, design sample.

Soartek is located in Shenzhen China. We currently have around 120 employees, and over 3000 square meters manufacture field. We set another bench at Hong Kong. It provides conveniently logistics, fast response for order and low cost service for customer. Our manufacturing facility meets the highest regulatory, quality and traceability requirements.

We have certifications include ISO9001 and ISO13485.

Our customers cover industrial control, power management, automotive electronics, security, network communication & Medical etc. With diverse product experience and a rapid response to new product introduction (NPI), we provide our customers with flexible and dependable manufacturing solutions, and free lab field for customer DIY. We have an engineering team which are able to provide DESIGN SUPPORT for customer in Hardware, Layout, structure, productibility and serviceability area, just besides customer.


Box Build

Soartek is skilled in all elements of assembling electronics into mechanical enclosures, and has rich experience in system integration and high level assembly including simple enclosure or multi-rack mount assembly.

We provide full support services including conceptual design, material procurement, enclosure assembly, testing, packaging (including manuals and all accessories) and delivery.

We are dedicated to quality assurance and process improvement aim to meet customer expectations in terms of quality and reliability, and to provide complete customer satisfaction.

PCBA/PCB Assembly

Soartek’s PCB assembly capabilities include the following :

IPC-A-610E workmanship

Fast-turn prototyping

High mix, small/medium/large volume build

Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)

In circuit test

Customized functional test at both board and system levels

Reliability testing (e.g. Hi-pot, vibration, burn-in, thermal shock test)

Special processes (e.g. conformal coating and potting)

Supply Chain

We employ a comprehensive supply chain evaluation system. Our supply chain management is focus on increase the maximum satisfaction of the customer ( improve the delivery reliability and flexibility).

Supply Chain methods:

Quick response(QR)

ERP system

Efficient consumer response(ECR)

Stable supply and on time delivery

Supplier Quality Improvement Program (SQIP)

Our Suppliers:


Our equipments

Re-flow OvenHigh-speed pick and place machineWave Solder Oven

Our ablities

Currently with 5 SMT Lines, max 6 million points per day

2 DIP Lines, max 120K Points per day

2 solding lines, max 100K Points per day

2 assembly lines.

We do both AOI optical inspection and FCT functional testing for the products


Industrial Control

New Energy

Network & Computer


Box Building