David Lu
David Lu
Sales Manager at Hanking Plastic Manufactory
Shenzhen, China
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ABOUT Hanking Plastic Manufacturing:

Established in 1996, Hanking Plastic Manufactory is a leading manufacturer of injection molding tools and plastic parts. We are located in a pleasant environment in the suburbs of Shenzhen - a vibrant modern city next to Hong Kong.

Over the years, Hanking Plastic Manufactory has designed, developed and manufactured a wide range of tools and plastic products for many satisfied customers, including Littelfuse, Grammer, Parrot, Cardo, Siemens, Noventa, Amitech, Thetford,NEC,Fanstel, BBK and ZTE, to name just a few.

Now we are known to be a quality supplier to the Automotive, Telecommunications, OA, Medical and Electronic industries. Our main products include Fuse, Automotive parts, GPS, Blue teeth, Telephones, Printers, Glucometer, Massage machine, Stereo, POS Terminal, Router and so on.

Hanking is proud of being an innovative company in mold design and efficient manufacturing processes. We are committed to long term development and looking forward to establishing a strong business partnership with your company. The management team at Hanking welcomes you to China and look forward to working with your company for many years to come.




Medical Devices:


Automotive Accessory:



Project management

Hanking appoints a project manager to each individual project and client. The project manager is in charge of the entire project from start to finish and will establish a productive business relationship. All project management teams communicate in English and are fully qualified in their respective fields.

Mould Design

A good design is the heart of every new product, therefore Hanking continuously invests in both people and technology to ensure that our designs meet the highest requirements.

Engineering Team

Our engineering department is 30 staff strong, and they are in charge of Project Engineering, Mould Designing, CAM and CNC Programming individually. All of them graduated from university and major in mold design. Six of them have been working in the designing field for more than ten years.

Mould Manufacturing

Hanking mold shop is equipped with precision mold machining equipments, including Japan Makino High-Speed CNC Machining Centers, Makino Sinker EDM machines, Makino Wire EDM machines, Swiss Mikron High-Speed CNC Machining Centers, Swiss Precision CNC WEDM machine, Swiss CNC EDM Drilling machine, Korea Daehan EDM Machining Centers, China CHMER Slow Wire Cutting machines.

These sophisticated machines linked by computer network are managed and operated by experienced supervisors and technicians to produce the highest quality moulds.

We will continue to invest in our people and equipment as a strategy to produce higher quality products by making better molds.

Injection Moulding

Our Injection Department makes plastic parts and components of the highest quality. It is our commitment to every customer that quality and service is a first and foremost part of the relationship. The Injection Department in cooperation with our engineers, other technical staff, and management personnel, provide customers with a reliable and high quality service.

Injection Press

We currently have 58 injection machines with clamping forces from 90 tons up to 380 tons. We use automation to minimise production cycle times during injection, and for high stability control of the injection process.

Injection Material

  • Engineering plastic: POM, PC, NYLON, PBT, TPE, TPR, TPU, TPV, PPS
  • General plastic: ABS, PMMA, PP, SAN, HIPS, GPPS, K-RESIN, LDPE, HDPE

Component Finishing and Final Assembly

We have advanced equipment to carry out component finishing processes including Oil Spraying, Silk-screening and Padding, Ultrasonic Welding, Electro-plating, Laser Etching and Sand Spraying. After component finishing, final product assembly takes place in four advanced assembly lines managed by our Final Assembly Department with young and careful lady workers who pay attention to fine details.