David Gott
David Gott
Executive Producer at Media District
United States
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I'm the Founder and Executive Producer for a VIDEO PRODUCTION company MEDIA DISTRICT that specializes in hardware/tech gadgetry commercials and online videos. We definitely have a bent for the comedic and attention grabbing. Feel free to check out our work!

About Media District:

Media District is a Los Angeles based production company founded by David Gott specializing in commercials and online videos.

The power of video to deliver your brand’s message is stronger than ever. 80% of Internet users recalled watching a video in the past 30 days. Comscore reports that a website visitor is 64% more likely to buy a product on a retail site after watching a video.

And it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg either. Technology is as cheap as it ever has been which translates to lower budgets for you, while maintaining high quality production value. We would be excited to tailor an effective video for you, that increases your brand’s awareness and converts viewers into buyers. Get in touch and we’d be happy to talk about what we can

offer your business.