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IDT International Limited was founded in 1977 in Hong Kong. The company started with designs and manufacturing watches and clocks by using newly created LCDs and microprocessor technology. Each product it manufactured reflects a sense of excellence, passion and highest pursuits of technology and design. It soon became one of the world’s leading electronic manufacturers.

IDT is devoted to our corporate mission of launching innovative and good quality lifestyle products in three major groups of products, namely, LCD Consumer Electronics Products, Electronic Learning Products and Telecommunications Products. Each of our three Product Divisions play the role of total solution provider for our ODM/OEM customers by applying advanced technology and state-of-the-art platform to create product designs that meet customers’ specific requirements. LCD Consumer Electronic | Electronic Learning Products | Telecommunications Products

IDT Expertise

IDT has been a pioneer from the outset. Its history of consistent innovation demonstrates IDT's commitment to enhancing the lifestyles of today's consumers. From the beginning, IDT recognized the enormous potential for applying LCD technology to a wide range of consumer electronic products. And since 1977, IDT has transformed that potential into a series of ground-breaking firsts, in the process winning accolades from within the industry and enthusiastic loyalty and customer support.

Pioneering firsts:



Behind their stylish and good-looking exteriors, IDT products utilize some of the most advanced technology available today. The results are products that are comprehensive high performers, with capabilities that far outstrip those of many lower-level competitors. To maintain this edge of technological excellence, IDT invests heavily in both human and technological resources for its R&D team, typically spending around four per cent of its annual revenue on product development.

Each of IDT's product divisions has its own staff of engineers and design specialists who are encouraged to interact and share their ideas and experience. It's a cross-fertilization process that, each year, sparks development of a whole new set of innovative products.

With a staff of R&D engineers and designers numbering well over 500, IDT is able to draw on the very best resources of expertise, experience and technology. They have access to the best equipment and software available for honing and furthering their vision.

  • Sensor Technology
  • Advanced Design Methodology
  • Digital Imaging Technology
  • Digital Voice and Music Technology
  • Radio Frequency Wireless Communication Technology
  • Smart Home & Smart Metering Technology
  • Internet of Things (loT) Technology

Manufacturing Facilities

Located in Xixiang, China, about 50 miles north of Hong Kong, and meeting international standards at all operation levels, the Group’s centralized manufacturing facilities and the R&D Centre (“Xixiang Facilities”) have contributed significantly to operational efficiency. They are also proof of the Group’s commitment to providing the best possible working environment for its staff. Spread over 80,000 square meters, the Xixiang Facilities enable the Group to fully control all aspects of production and administration. Outsourcing to factories with outstanding track records helps improve cost efficiency and maintain competitiveness.

IDT's production operations include advanced precision plastic injection moulding facilities, high speed SMT equipment, and chip bonding machines. It adopts a 'Cell Manufacturing' supply strategy, processing raw materials in house as they are required for high quality, low cost production. Each division has its own Incoming Quality Control (IQC) department, which screens all raw materials, components and subassemblies to make sure production lines are working only with the highest quality materials. Surface mounting, wire-bonding, prevision plastic moulding, mould making and plastic injection are fully integrated in-house at the Xixiang Facilities allowing for greater control of production lead-time, quality and costs.


LCD Consumer Electronics Products


The development of innovative timekeeping and environmental monitoring devices, sports and fitness and personal healthcare products is the core competency of the Group's LCD Consumer Electronic Products Division. This division is dedicated to ensuring every product fully matches the needs of its customers, who embrace active lifestyles, appreciate new technologies, and are both environmental aware and health conscious. The success of the division's product philosophy is reflected in its record-breaking growth in sales and earnings in the past years. The strong demand for the Group's sports and fitness products and the success of co-branded products with Philippe Starck and Ferrari in the European and Asia-Pacific markets were major boosts for the division's impressive performance.

The LCD Consumer Electronic Products Division consists of 3 main product categories:

  • Environmental Monitoring Devices, which include weather stations, indoor/outdoor thermometers, barometers, hygrometers, etc.
  • Timepieces, which include radio-controlled and projection clocks
  • Healthcare and sports products, which include heart-rate monitors, pedometers, multifunctional watches, blood pressure meters, weighing scales, body-fat meters, etc.

Electronics Learning Products


The mission of Electronic Learning Products division is to develop electronic learning products that inspire a smart way of learning for children and their parents. Our definition of ELP is "Effective Learning Path" , which is also the division's motto. By combining technology and integrated learning content we ensure every electronic learning product we create has its own unique learning path.

The division produces a wide range of products, including laptops, talking books, water-proof hands-free action camera, and the award winning SmartGlobe® and SmartPen®. These products utilize technologies such as Internet compatibility and wireless communication. Products are created and developed to provide endless ways of enabling and encouraging interactive and proactive learning. By presenting these learning opportunities in a fun and entertaining way, we generate positive results for the growth of our children.

In order to enhance the value we provide to our customers, the division continually seeks various strategic partners. These include well-known educational consultants and established publishing houses. We have also partnered world-class licensing companies such as Dora®, Mattel (Barbie® and HotWheels®), and Warner Brothers (Batman™ and Superman™).

Telecommunications Products

Instant access to information is a vital ingredient for business success today. Our Telecommunications Products Division is committed to seeking out diverse technologies to integrate with telecommunications devices.

Our communication products have a wide range of applications, both personal and professional. For the office or home we have conference phones and wireless indoor phones to suit every need. For outdoor pursuits our specialized products from handheld personal 2-way radios to professional marine systems and business band transceivers ensure your on-the-go communication requirements are met.

Emphasizing the application of new technologies, we fuse groundbreaking innovations with inspirational design to create uniquely stylish and functional products.

The division designs and manufactures products in a number of categories:

Indoor cord and cordless domestic telephones, e.g.

  • The world's first touch sensing telephone, Touch Phone (OS1820), using touch screen technology in handset keypad operation
  • Mirror Phone (LS328) with stunning multi-color LED backlight
  • Personal Two Way handheld transceivers
  • Slim 2-way Radio (TP391) with slim design and light in weight, fit easily into your hand and pocket.

Marine communication systems

  • Both Waterproof Marine Handheld (TM889) and Waterproof Marine Fixed Mount Transceivers (TM392) with Class D DSC (Digital Selective Calling) capability offer durability, reliability, and flexibility, making nautical pursuits enjoyable. Our Marine Fixed Mount Transceivers could also be equipped with optional wireless hand mike for intercom use with the main unit.

Professional Business Band Transceiver

  • Compact professional Business Band Transceivers (TB208 and TP-209) offers the best quality, flexible and reliable communication, for use in retail shops, security, construction sites and other industries.