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About SonicWave:

SonicWave is a young brand, full of creative energy. Since its inception in August 2012, we have been looking forward to developing into a recognized brand worldwide.

Within the 3D audio processor market, SonicWave intends to become the most recognized brand by being a leader in innovative products that yield fast growth resulting in majority market share. We specialize in researching high sound quality and high-valued product, with the expectation that our products will be truly innovative and capture the consumer mindshare.

Due to our accumulation of valuable technical expertise, since our inception, SonicWave is now ready to lead and we plan to continue to grow expertise as we proceed into the future. We are devoted to in-house innovation and products designed with the goal of providing better value for mobile handheld and car audio peripheral products.

SonicWave’s Taiwan team intends to think globally to establish a sales network covering North America, Europe, Asia and other sale regions. SoniceWave expects our sales channel partners to improve work efficiency, providing customers with high quality products, and professional SoniceWave support services.

Looking to the future, SonicWave will continue to put our customers first. We will continue to strive to improve our capacity and product quality. We aim to become an international and renowned brand in the near future.


3C peripheral product

Apple MFI Certified audio amplifier