Cory Nelson
Cory Nelson
Media Relations Manager at Field Agent
Fayetteville, United States
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Field Agent was conceived in 2009 by a team of researchers seeking to solve a common problem for our Clients – real time access to information and insights.

We took traditional information collection and insights gathering methodologies and transformed them by incorporating crowdsourcing and mobile technology. By solving the problem of obtaining real time access to information and insights, our Clients now have unique, real time data from their shoppers at the Point of Influence™ with their brands.

Knowing that our Clients and their Agencies need more than just data collection, we have developed a proprietary Quality Control process that ensures that only quality data gets processed through our system. This process, along with “hands on” market researchers on the back end analyzing the data, allows Field Agent to efficiently provide custom reporting of data and insights.

Our Team at Field Agent is built upon the premise of “solution first” and “technology second” with an emphasis in Mobile. We are in the business of coming alongside of our Clients and their Agencies to ensure that we deliver the right methodology to solve their business problems. We have proven that Mobile methodologies can do this in a way that has better coverage, speed and costs.

Mobile Audits and Research combine smartphone technology and crowdsourcing to produce fast, affordable answers to pressing business questions. With mobile, you're never far from products, stores, and customers. Mobile Research is on the razor's edge of collecting consumer knowledge. From store aisles to living rooms, Mobile Research crowdsources hundreds of thousands of smartphones to capture location-based, in-the-moment insights, more quickly and affordably than conventional methods.