Clement Yang
Clement Yang
Marketing Manager at Prolific Technology Inc.
Taipei, Taiwan
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Prolific Technology Inc. is a leading IC design house company and ASIC design service provider for USB Smart I/O, Intelligent Green Energy Saving, and Mixed-Mode Hall Sensor solutions. The company is one of the market leaders and pioneer in providing IC and SOC solutions for USB Serial/Parallel converters, USB Storage products, Brushless Motor driver, Hall sensors, Power Meters, and MEMS Motion Sensing products. The company is founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Taiwan with sales regions in Mainland China, Japan, Korea, Canada, and the United States. The company is listed on the Taiwan OTC Exchange or GreTai Securities Market (GTSM) under the code 6233.TWO.


Smart I/O

Prolific was founded in 1997 with a vision that USB would be the standard mainstream I/O interface for the new generation PC and Peripherals. Since then, the Company has strived for research and development of various high-performance USB/IEEE1394 interface controllers that identified Prolific as a Total USB Solution Provider. Prolific is one of the market leaders in USB bridge controllers with over 200 million units sold already. Currently, Prolific provides USB Full-Speed, High-Speed and Super-Speed total solutions for three product categories: Serial/Parallel, Storage and Connectivity.

Energy Management

Intelligent Green Energy (IGE) is an advancing product division of Prolific with smart grid solutions at its heart. Prolific’s approach starts with the smallest unit of the smart grid - “HOME”. The home is the last link in the smart grid consumption chain. The home is where devices are plugged in, power is consumed, and revenue for the entire chain is generated. A lot sits on the smallest unit. While a significant proportion of the industry is focused on finding solutions for green generation and smart transmission and distribution of power (all supply side management), Prolific focuses at providing tools to measure and control the consumption of power at a device level or at home as a unit level. And things that can be measured can be managed, and well managed consumption is at the heart of smart demand side management. Prolific-IGE makes this side of the equation possible. With ICs that go into smart plugs, strips and meters, IGE solutions provide enhanced and accurate measurement. IGE innovation drives many tamper-proof solutions to meet various specific market needs and advance consumer needs.

Mixed Mode

Mixed-mode technology integrates analog and digital circuits into a single IC solution. It combines features from both technology and provides high stability and easy control. Prolific offers a wide range of MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) products utilizing Mixed-Mode techniques. Products include magnetic sensors, Hall effect sensors, motion recognition, motion sensing, bio-sensing, and others. Prolific also integrates high-sensitivity Hall sensor and driver IC in developing new-generation high-efficiency Smart Fan Driver IC with powerful features and high reliability.