CJ Zhang
CJ Zhang
Marketing Manager at FocalTech Systems Limited
Shenzhen, China
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FocalTech Systems Limited, founded in 2005 in the United States, has been dedicated to delivering human-machine interface solutions and providing the most competitive touch panel controller ICs and LCD driver ICs for mobile electronic devices.

FocalTech is one of the pioneers in the R&D of capacitive multi-touch technology in the world and the largest supplier of capacitive touch panel controller ICs in Asia. It delivers the most complete line-up of capacitive touch panel solutions to accommodate 1.5-to-25-inch capacitive touchscreen panels that adopts a variety of structures, processes and materials. With independent R&D as its consistent commitment, FocalTech has more than 200 patents to its credit in and outside China and has rolled out the world's thinnest, lightest and most price-competitive mass-producible solutions in the in-cell and on-cell fields with high barriers to entry.

Upholding the customer focused approach, FocalTech has set up an extensive sales and service network across the world to offer the most efficient and responsive local service to customers from all over the world.

FocalTech went public in Taiwan in 2013 and announced in 2014 the merger of Orise Tech, a world renowned LCD driver IC supplier. This merger will herald a boom to FocalTech's business volume and market position and speed up the development of the single-chip integrated driver controller (IDC) technology.


Capacitive Touch Controller


TFT-LCD Driver


Super In-cell IDC


Fingerprint Sensor

All-around product features Supports fingerprint module with or without Ring. Supports coating of various colors, of various thicknesses (20um ~ 100um). Supports covers (thicknesses: 100um~200um) made of glass, ceramics, sapphire, etc. Supports various shapes of modules, like round, square, racetrack, rectangular, etc. Supports to place the module in the front, back or side of the devices. Supports the TEE development based on the platforms of MTK, Qualcomm, Samsung, Intel,etc. Supports for fingerprint identification program under the glass (coming soon ).

Superior user experience

Applied Self-developed commercial-grade algorithm to the chips for better user experience.

High identification rate: FRR<2%, and FAR<0.001%

360 degree readability and response time < 200 ms without sensing a delay

Force Touch
Feature Supports both AMOLED and LCD structures. Supports Super In-cell、On-cell and Out-cell touch panel structures. Integrated FHD LCD driver, touch controller and force controller for Super In-cell structure as a 3 in 1 single chip solution without any extra sensor film. Integrated touch controller and force controller for Out-cell LCD and On-cell AMOLED as a 2 in 1 single chip solution.