Cindy Li
Cindy Li
Business Unit Director, Home Automation at Remotec Technology Ltd.
Shenzhen, China
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Company Website: Remotec Technology Ltd.

Business Unit Director at Remotec Technology Ltd for home automation division. been in home automation business since 2009, familiar with RF protocol such as Z-Wave, ZigBee, WiFi, BLE for home automation devices. managed more than 20 Z-Wave projects including portable controllers, smart thermostats, smart power devices such as power plugs, entertainment control solution etc. understands well on the marketplace, system applications, product potential risks etc.

About Remotec

Remotec Technology Limited is a technology company which has been a pioneer in smart

remote control solutions since 1988, joined Z-Wave and ZigBee alliance since 2008. With its own over 27 years of know-how experience in RND, engineering, manufacturing of wireless and infrared handheld devices, and it’s comprehensive IR database for split air conditioner and audio/video devices, partnering with a thermostat manufacturer and a power devices manufacturer, Remotec offers products and solutions for the IOT market with portable controllers, worldwide climate control solutions, entertainment control solutions and power and metering devices. Remotec positions itself as a perfect gateway companion who is open to work with different gateway developers to optimize the user-experience especially on the control of split air conditioners and A/V devices through its cloud-based IR code library.


ZRC-90 Scene Master



Works with any Z-Wave compliant gateway for easy scene activation

By single or double click on each of the 8 buttons, it triggers 16 different actions from gateway

Mount anywhere you like, or just put it on your coffee table

Easy access while your phone is charging

ZRC-100 Z-Wave secured remote control


Controls full range of Z-Wave certified products

Simple and comprehensive user's interface

No internet connection required

Accessible to anyone anywhere in your house

100% Z-Wave compliant

Easy to configure

Works with Z-Wave enabled devices such as:

- Thermostat

- Door lock (AES 128 data, encryption)

- Window Drapes/Blinds/Shades

- Dimmer

- Switches

- Most split type air conditioners (via Remotec IR extender)

ZXT-120 Z-Wave to IR Extender for Air Conditioners


100% compliant to Z-Wave thermostat command class

Supporting 140 brands of air conditioner worldwide.

Control temperature, mode, On/off, Fan etc.

Built-in temperature sensor for room temperature feedback

Enable IR controlled air conditioners to smart home and energy management system without replacing your existing air conditioner.

Save energy without compromise comfort

Power Source: USB mini-B, 3xAAA batteries Dismountable battery box


Extender unit: 70mm(diameter)*18mm(thickness)

Battery box: 70mm(diameter)*15.5mm(thickness)

ZTS-110 Z-Wave Programmable Thermostat


2H/1C Dual mode Z-wave thermostat, it works on 24V A/C power and battery 

Support Millivolt system, single and two stage heat pump system, non-heat pump system

Auto report to gateway when temperature, mode, etc. changed

support Z-Wave association to other Z-Wave devices for automation between devices through preset rules

Flexibility to disable local configuration

Battery Low Indicator

watchdog function to avoid system failure

Filter counter counts up to 999 days

Temperature display in °F or °C

Frequency: 908.42 Mhz

RF range: up to 100 feet

Power: 4*AA batteries, 24V A/C power

Dimensions: 145(L) x 100(W) x 25(H)mm

ZDS-200 Z-Wave Dual Mode Dimmer/Switch


Reduced inventory risk (2 in one dimmer/switch)

Surge protection

Over temperature protection

Operation Voltage: 120 Vac

Input Frequency: 60 Hz

Max Output power:

DIMMER: Max. Incandescent Load 330W 2.75A

SWITCH: Max. Incandescent Load 330W 2.75A

Max. Resistive Load 500W 4.16A

Internal slide switch to select dimmer or switch mode

RF rang: up to 100ft at open area

RF frequency: 908.42MHz

Dimensions: 100 x 54 x 39mm

ZRP-100 Z-Wave repeater (range extender)


Ultra-low power consumption
Reliable and best RF performance to repeat Z-Wave signals

Complex, thin and small size form factor

Does not block lower outlet when plugged into upper outlet of a duplex wall receptacle and vice versa

External fixing insert for different wall plate

lOperation Voltage: 120 Vac

lInput Frequency: 60 Hz

lRF rang: up to 100ft at open area

lRF frequency: 908.42MHz

lDimensions: 64 x 48 x 23mm

BXT-120 Bluetooth-IR Extender