Cindy Coles
Cindy Coles
Digital Marketing Manager at HWTrek
Taipei, Taiwan
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Company Website:HWTrek

I promote HWTrek Creators and Experts to the hardware industry through content marketing.

I've been doing online promotion, SEO, and e-commerce since 2005. My domain experience as a marketer includes industrial hardware, B2C/B2B software, and enterprise software. I also ran an advertising agency in Canada that served small businesses and freelancers.

Creativity and ambition are core values for me, and that's why I love working with the entrepreneurial community. The virtual world is ours to meld; never before has the individual had such opportunity to contribute to economy and culture through creation.

My own experience has been with technology such as desktop multimedia, IPC hardware, and cloud-based services like web publishing and domain hosting. IoT and API integrations are the next wave of digital innovation - let's welcome the opportunity it brings.

I studied math and computer science, but I also love storytelling. Nothing makes me happier than to talk about the tools and trends emerging from the world of tech.


Promotional project management

Copywriting, copyediting, marketing collateral

UX conceptualization, business processes, sales funnels

Web publishing and site production

SEO and Information architecture

Data management and analytics