Christine Lee
Christine Lee
Project Manager at AHOKU Electronic
San Francisco, United States
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AHOKU is a Taiwanese company founded in 1983. We are a OEM/ODM manufacturer for smart home power adapters, Wifi routers, and Wifi video cameras. AHOKU has become a leader with its pioneering R&D and persistence of excellence.

AHOKU professional R&D and project management team offer customers the best and unique product designs and producing services from innovative concepts of design, mechanical to product production. AHOKU professional R&D team has established comprehensive and stable relationship with customers.



(1) Travel Adapter

AHOKU Patented Universal Travel Adapter is a total solution for your appliance connectivity problems around the world. Built-in 4 different plugs with universal AC outlet, providing you a simple and safe way to connect your portable appliances to the electrical outlets in more than 150 countries. Below is our popular product Multi-Nation Travel Adapter.


(2) Wireless Charger

AHOKU wireless charger provides a more convenient way to charge your 3C appliances, like mobile phone or tablets. With a compatibility to WPC specification kernel, AHOKU wireless charger can transmit power to any appliance with Qi mark.


(3) USB Power Bank

AHOKU Palm size USB Power Bank is designed to distribute power or charge iPad, iPhone, iPod and most USB powered appliances through it's USB output connector. It contains rechargeable Li-ion battery and can be recharged by USB charger, such as AHOKU's USB Universal Travel Adapter series products. USB Power Bank has stylish design and compact size, can be easily carried around. It's the perfect power source when you are travelling.


(4) AC Socket

Ahoku Offers a full line of NEMA 15, 20, 30A amp receptacles, are wide apply in residential, commercial and industrial fields.

Products include:

  • 15A single receptacle and duplex receptacle,
  • 20A duplex receptacle and locking receptacle,
  • 30A locking receptacle.

Variety of NEMA 15, 20 and 30 amp receptacles meet UL 498 requirement.


(5) Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

Our reliable power distribution unit is the ideal means of powering multiple loads in 19 inch rack-mount, rack enclosures, raceways, desktops, wall-mount and more. Always your best choice for distribution of alternate, sine-wave UPS and generator power, or commercially derived AC power to connected equipment.


(6) Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Do you need a clean, quiet, reliable power source for your appliances? Back-up for minutes with our DC-UPS will prevent down time, loss of data and long restart sequences of your units. Below is our popular product Uninterruptible Power Supply.


(8) WiFi Video & Security

OCam is AHOKU WiFi Video & Security series, our design team provide simple installation, user-friendly, and easy to use products, with various advanced technologies to deliver every consumer with a smart and secure experience! Wherever you are, See all you can see!


(9) Power Line Communication

It is time for consumers get spoiled with a technology as easy as plug and play through existing power outlets, and eliminating the hassle of pulling wires. Our complete line of PLC products can do all that through data, audio, video and security applications. Below is our popular product


(10) Advertisement Screen

Xtop Series is the perfect solution for the widely advertising application, developed to enrich communication, helps you to create a great impact on audiences!