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Company Website: YunGongChang

we provide the whole supply chain service for maker and initial created company in smart hardware, includes structure design, function design and verification, rapid prototype, new mold, batch production, logistics and others. we can be OEM or ODM, and we also can connect the verified manufacturing and customer professionally.

Driven plant Shenzhen Co,.Ltd is located in Fuyong, Shenzhen. The corporation has diversified businesses and experts in 3D printing, rapid prototype, mechanical machining, mould, injection moulding, SMT. We have rich experience and mature solution in OEM and ODM productions including intelligent robot, smart home, wearable device, UAV. There are 15 factories in total which we establish by self or be wholly own holding by us under our corporation. We also have professional experts team including 20 structure engineers, 20 manufacture experts and 5 IC designers.

We kindly hope to be your reliable manufacture partner and consultant during your production lifecycle.