Cheryl Zhu
Cheryl Zhu
Sales Manager at Changsha Anole Precision Glass Co., Ltd.
Changsha, China
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Changsha Anole Precision Glass, as the leader and pioneer of China glass customized components, is aimed to serve companies and industries all around the world. We offer customized processing and high quality raw materials.

I Customized Processing

We deeply understand the importance of material choosing, production process, test nodes and a series of process. We thoroughly understand materials and other relevant channels of glass. The unusual precision glass processing capability, makes it possible for us to meet the high requirements, high precision and high challenge glass demand from all walks of life.

We can have very complex glass integration processing. The processing methods we can offer: fine etching, cutting, edge grinding and polishing, surface lapping and polishing, CNC machining, drilling, thermal tempering and chemical strengthening, supersonic machining, laser processing etc.

II Raw Materials

Anole precision glass has deep cooperation with excellent China glass material manufacturers, and we have large amount of high quality raw materials stock to satisfy customer demand : borosilicate, aluminosilicate, ultra-thin, micro-crystal etc.

Anole precision glass has provided solutions for fields in electronics technology, bio-pharmaceutical, machinery, scientific research, optical etc. If you are interested in our company, please feel free to contact us.




Related Equipment

Chameleon CNC equipment


Chameleon automatic glass cutting machine


Chameleon steel furnace equipment


Chameleon polishing equipment


Factory environment

The chameleon inspection workshop


The chameleon warehouse



Deep/Micro/Thin hole machining

Forming process:

Glass super deep hole, a long hole, round, hole, cavity, special-shaped through holes, curved hole machining; glass grooves processing; glass micro milling.

二、Cutting process:

Compared with the cutting of diamond cutting tool, the cutting of ultrasonic wave is thin and narrow, the precision is high, the surface roughness is reduced, and the surface quality is improved.

Ultrasonic machining




Ultra-deep hole, slot hole, round hole, mold hole, micro-milling, curve hole, glass grooves, micro-milling.


Supersonic machining has thin section, narrow slot and high precision than diamond cutter. Roughness reduced, quality improved.

Laser processing


Shaped glass perforation


Shaped glass perforation products is non-standard parts,it’s according to your time and place,let you more confidence in the product.As long as you want, it can be tailored for you, to create your own characteristics.

Profile grinding


Products are generally classified as: Standard parts and Non-standard parts.

Standard parts are mostly products, the normal use of the size, materials, specifications are the same. Such products usually have inventory.

Non standard parts are individual products, special circumstances the use of the size, materials, specifications are not the same. This product is usually no inventory, in accordance with the design of the drawings produced.

Fine etching


In the current wave of decorative decoration, carved with various patterns, the art of calligraphy of glass, mirror, utensils and so by consumer welcome. The key to the engraving of glass handicraft is the preparation of etching solution. This will be a readily available raw materials, low cost, simple manufacture of the etching liquid formula and use method is introduced as follows:

50-60 degrees Celsius hot water 18.4%, hydrofluoric acid ammonium 23.5%, oxalic acid 12.4%, sulfuric acid ammonium 15.7%, glycerin 6.5%, barium sulfate 23.5%. In addition a little organic dye appropriate color. The ingredients can be mixed evenly mixed. The raw materials in the formula are sold in the local chemical stores. Prior to the processing of the glass products are washed clean, and then a warm, warm the way the size of the glass can be determined. Small into the hot water soak, big on the fireplace drying on the line. Finally, with a brush dipped in a uniform etching liquid in the glass surface writing or scanning pattern, about 2 minutes, a beautiful glass carving crafts that is displayed in the eyes.

Glass grinding and polishing


Grinding and polishing steps

1: Heat treatment

2: In vibration grinding machine polishing: the vibration grinding machine, abrasive in high alumina ceramic, it is best to add high-frequency ceramic abrasive abrasive, put to the 60-70% machine, cleaning machine water caused by abrasive three five minutes, the drainage valve open to drain dry 90%, close the valve, water to fill the valve tube after adding space product size, quantity and machine product decisions into the product when try to gently reduce collision, and then add the grinding liquid for the first time, put the amount of the product than the medicine ratio of 100KG:3KG, into the grinding fluid around the attention to pour the liquid evenly in the grinding machine, the grinding time is 120 to 150 minutes, the product in the machine grinding to 20 minutes or so products will become black, this time you do not be surprised, this is in effect the normal play, until the product slowly from the black When the color of the product itself into the material, when loss of function drops, the general efficacy drops for about 120 minutes, until the potion and lose their effectiveness, please open the valve, add water cleaning machine, cleaning machine for 3-4 minutes, the water stop cleaning 50% clean, dry water to 90% after the closure of the valve, when water fill the valve tube into grinding cutting fluid, and put the amount for the first time, abrasive products changed from black to white, please check the product on the surface of steel and oxide layer have rough texture, the surface is not smooth, if not smooth, general product 240#.280#.320# after two times of sand grinding can be a basic please repeat the same, the same operation as second times, when the valve is opened, water cleaning, cleaning time is not too long, about 3-4 minutes, to prevent the production of Product rust in the machine, the product can be picked up at this time, put in the rust proof liquid soak 5-10 seconds after the removal, can be made of electroplating, polishing process is complete

3: Anti rust treatment

4: Electroplating

Glass Micro-channel Device



1. Thickness tolerance: +/-0.01mm

2. ID tolerance: +/-0.02mm

3. Chipping: ≦100μm


High alumina silica glass



-Good flexibility

-Abrasive and scratch resistance

-Explosion and bullet proof, compressive and shock resistance

-8 times strength of the common soda-lime glass

-High transmittance

-75% reflection be reduced

Super thick glass


Ultra thin glass


Schott Borofloat 33 glass


Key benefits:

Outstanding thermal resistance

Exceptionally high transparency

High chemical durability

Excellent mechanical strength

Corning Gorilla Glass


Corning EAGLE XG


Alkali free high boron silicon glass


UV cut-off glass


UV / IR cut can be mixed light source in the UV and IR band light blocking, strengthen the IR part of the barrier, which helped to digital camera CCD or CMOS sensor, is no longer affected by UV and IR bands of affecting the signal, image quality is more distinct. UV/IR CUT used mainly in the integration of IR and CCD have no protective sensor digital camera.

The characteristics of the product:

1.High transmittance, high reflectivity

2.Through the high gradient

3.Spectrum stability


5.Long service life

Quartz glass


Blue glass



- stable optical property bring about by volume production

- excellent internal quality, e.g. Less stripes

- extraordinary image quality

- thinner filter, higher NIR absorption rate


-Medical treatment



-NVIS compatibility display devices

-Industrial applications

High temperature resistant glass


High temperature resistant glass, also known as high temperature glass,it’s a special glass which can reach or bear the corresponding temperature and is resistant to the corresponding pressure level and applicable medium in a certain temperature, medium (acid and alkali) and pressure rating,in general is the use of high purity silicon mineral materials, refined by high temperature,it can still maintain the original permeability of the glass and transparency in the high temperature environment. High temperature glass has high transparency, high temperature resistance, good thermal stability, chemical stability and other characteristics,it’s an indispensable key component of industrial automation production line,widely used in pressure vessel manufacturing plant, iron and steel, metallurgy, petrochemical, military, lighting and other industries.

Super hard glass



Photochromic glass


Change its color in the proper irradiation wavelengths of light, and when the light source is removed to restore the original color of the glass.Also known as color changing glass.Photochromic glass is made by adding photochromic materials in the glass raw materials.