Cheers Peng
Cheers Peng
Sales Manager at Shenzhen BitLand Information Technology Co., Ltd
Shenzhen, China
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The predecessor of Shenzhen BitLand Information Technology Co., Ltd is Beijing Haidian Wandao Electronic Technique Development Department founded in May 1992. It boasts a high-tech private enterprise specialized in the research and development, production and sales of the electronic products such as the laptops, tablet PCs, smart phones, high-performance board cards of PC and LCD modules.

With its strong R&D as well as supply capability in computer high-performance board cards, laptops and LCM, the present monthly sales to dealer of the laptops are 300-400 thousand sets and that of the discrete graphics card are 600 thousand which makes the company cover the 70% of the market shares in the ODM market of the discrete graphics cards in the mainland China and that of the cell phone modules are as many as 1.5 million.

It is the only company in China which cooperates with the multinational companies in the R&D and mass production of the laptops and tablet PCs. The major customers of the company include Lenovo, HP, Tsinghua Tongfang, Founders.

There are 3000-4000 employees in the company. In 2010, the total volume of sales exceeded 1.6 billion Yuan, 60% more than that of 2009. In 2012, the volume of the sales of the year was almost 2.3 billion Yuan and that in 2013 was 3.5 billion Yuan. Currently, the company is witnessing a rapid development and a transformation to the diversified group development focusing on the information technology by adding the operations such as investment to the commercial real estate and industrial real estate ass well as to the catering.

In the future 3-5 years, the company is going to be the biggest supplier of the laptops, tablet PCs and smart phones in China, the globally biggest supplier of the discrete graphics and one of the most important liquid crystal module suppliers. The expected volume of sales would be 20 billion Yuan and the expected amount of employees would be about 20 thousand.

The Head Office of the company is located in Nanshan District, Shenzhen. The company set up the R&D center in Shenzhen and production bases in Shenzhen, Hefei and Xiamen, among which the Hefei Production Base covers an area of 600 mu. The construction of Phase I has been completed and put into use. The construction and investment of the Phase II will include: BitLand R&D Testing Center, C-10 plant and two dorm building. The annual output of the laptops and tablet PCs of the company is 10 million.




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