Celine NING
Celine NING
Logistic Consultant at Flexport
San Francisco, United States
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Company Website: Flexport

Flexport is a licensed freight forwarder that uses people and software to manage the complexity of international trade.

Shipping something from Shenzhen to Cincinnati or Rotterdam to LA requires complex coordination. Currently that’s done by telephones, spreadsheets, and fax machines. Flexport provides a web-based app that offers real-time visibility of your shipments. And we’re not just a software platform: Our experienced logistics and customs experts are here to help at every step of the way.

We offer services in air freight, ocean freight, trucking, warehouse & fulfillment, customs brokerage, and cargo insurance. Learn more about our services and request a live demo.

Flexport is a freight forwarder for the Internet age. “What we do at Flexport” explains what we mean.

Why Felxport


Manage all your company’s global freight shipments

through a simple online app. Flexport gives

you full visibility of your shipments in real time.


It’s not just great technology. Our logistics managers

and licensed customs brokers work around the clock

to make sure that your shipments move smoothly.


No expensive software integration required—manage

everything in the cloud. You’ll get reduced costs,

powerful analytics, and the ability to create reports.

Global logistics delivered through an app


Think of us as your global logistics control tower in the cloud. When you book with Flexport you gain access to a global network of logistics service providers, beautiful supply chain visualizations, easy-to-use software, and industry experts on-call. Our web app allows you to request and book shipments, track all your global freight movements in real-time, manage product data, visualize your supply chain, view analytics, and more.

Track your shipments and receive notification updates


Manage all your company’s global freight shipments through a simple online dashboard. Your dedicated customs broker and logistics experts will manage the movement of your goods while you optimize your supply chain down to the SKU.

Generate customizable shipment and supply chain reports


Create, distribute, and review reports regarding all aspects of your supply chain and shipments. Discover ways to optimize your supply chain and grow your business internationally.

Give app access to the right people


Does your supplier need to know where your shipments are? No more spreadsheets and calculations—just send over a tracking link. You have total control over what external stakeholders can see.

See your shipments move across the world


Flexport plots your fulfillment centers, warehouses, factories, etc. on an interactive global map. See all of your shipments move in real-time across each place in your supply chain, and easily manage issues with your logistics manager.

View detailed product data to make informed decisions


Find and normalize your product data down to specific SKUs. Use it to view detailed analytics, inventory levels, and shipments to know when to place your next order.

Search by shipment, quote, destination, and more


Flexport organizes your supply chain data by different types. You’ll find it presented in auto-suggested in drop down searches. That lets you access critical information no matter where you are in the app.

Negotiate standing rates or request market quotes


Request quotes in the app, and receive them instantly or in less than 24 hours. You can compare options on a line-item basis and make bookings online.

See your entire supply chain and review analytics


A single, centralized repository for managing every node of your supply chain.

Say hello to transparent pricing

Flexport provides detailed rate information down to individual line items for each shipment. We tell you about every charge that you face. Pay with ACH inside the app.